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PaperworkDawn was surprised when Andrew stepped in and took over their travel arrangements. Before she could protest, two business class tickets to London had been booked, which were, of course, fully tax deductible expenses for personnel conducting legitimate Council duties. A small parcel to be personally delivered to the Watchers in London would ensure that everything was above board.

The only thing missing was a passport for Spike, Andrew nearly fainted when it was hand delivered by a flustered clerk from the British Embassy.

Andrew was left wondering how Spike's previous passport came to be accidentally shredded by the Embassy.

open_on_sundaychallenge #74: open challenge
Part of the Rome!verse and the London!verse


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(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2004 12:31 (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.
23rd Aug, 2004 12:53 (UTC)
Marvelous as always! I enjoy the way you so neatly fit a tale into the required amount of words without any awkwardness or faux pas.
23rd Aug, 2004 23:02 (UTC)
Thanks, but I'm sure the whining wingnuts from ff.net would disagree. It is an interesting way of writing a story, especially when I do the interconnected drabbles.
(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2004 23:04 (UTC)
Thank you!
23rd Aug, 2004 15:29 (UTC)

Always love it when you include Andrew! So to London they go! Yay!
23rd Aug, 2004 23:06 (UTC)
Andrew is fun. I like that his appearances on Angel gave him the chance to seem the bimbo, when he actually knew what he was doing. Sometimes looking like an idiot can get you things that a suit can't.
23rd Aug, 2004 17:34 (UTC)
hooray! one step and one piece of paperwork closer to london.. and engerland. ::cheers::
23rd Aug, 2004 23:07 (UTC)
They are getting closer.
24th Aug, 2004 08:36 (UTC)
How Spike going to manage the plane? He and Angel had never flown before the Wofram and Hart private jet. (Don't hit me!)
24th Aug, 2004 10:43 (UTC)
It's a legitimate question. As they'll be flying between Rome and London and it's a two hour flight, it won't be a problem if they take a late flight. I'll pretend the nightmare of airport check-ins and security bullshit doesn't exist.
24th Aug, 2004 11:27 (UTC)
Fair enough then. :0)
16th Nov, 2004 07:30 (UTC)
~~Andrew was left wondering how Spike's previous passport came to be accidentally shredded by the Embassy.~~

He's got me wondering the same thing that he is.
16th Nov, 2004 09:10 (UTC)
The curse of a word limit.

Spike never had a passport, he travelled to Rome via private jet that belonged to a law company from Hell (literally) who don't do things like customs or airport check-ins.

The story that the non-existent passport was shredded was what the clerk told Andrew, it was the truth as he knew it.

Spike contacted Wolf to arrange for the passport, she works for InterPol and has some interesting contacts. He asked Wolf so he wouldn't be indebted to the law firm, and the law firm doesn't know about Wolf so he stood a chance of slipping out from under their radar.
16th Nov, 2004 20:48 (UTC)
Ahh, I see. Lol. Good thing he knows Wolf, then.

~~some interesting contacts~~
Nice, how they always come in handy.
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