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Stray Phone

Stray PhoneAs Andrew let himself in, he heard an unfamiliar phone ringing. A quick rummage behind the cushions on the couch and he found the offending item and answered it.



"Why are you answering Spike's phone?"

"Spike's phone?" Andrew echoed somewhat stupidly. He was still wondering why Angel was calling, the thought of getting his head around the phone belonging to Spike was still sinking in.

"Is Spike there?"

It sounded like Angel was grinding his teeth. If it got any louder, Andrew didn't think the phone he was calling from would survive the experience. "Not that I can see. Hang on a second." He looked in Buffy's room, then his own. He was a little disappointed not to find Spike waiting for him in bed. Naked. With a come hither look in his eyes. He sighed, a man could always dream.

He opened Dawn's bedroom door and was more than a little surprised to see she was not only in bed, but that she had company. Closing the door quietly, he walked through to the kitchen so he wouldn't disturb them. "Spike's here, but he's not available at the moment."

Andrew held the phone at arm's length and could still hear Angel's yelling quiet clearly. He didn't think it was possible to insert the phone in the manner that Angel was suggesting and some of those positions were not humanly possible. Perhaps vampires were more flexible, he'd have to remember to ask Giles.

When Angel's tantrum finally wound down, Andrew had a chance to reply. "I can't see any bag here, but the door was unlocked when I came in, so maybe somebody took it." Another round of very loud and inventive cursing spewed forth from the handset. "No, I am not going to disturb Spike. You can sort this out on your own. Goodbye Angel." He disconnected the call, turned the phone off and tossed in on the counter.

He may not have Spike, was he was happy that Dawn did, she needed someone in her life. Andrew smiled as he thought of the sight he found in Dawn's room, seeing Spike and Dawn wrapped around each other in sleep, they looked so cute together. Like puppies cuddling, but human and naked. Naked Spike... Andrew drifted off into a happy place. He wondered if there was an Italian version of Spike wandering about Rome with his name on him. Tattooed somewhere that only Andrew would ever see.

Picking up his keys, he headed out to pick up breakfast. Even if tortured he wouldn't have admitted it was because Roberto in the café up the street was hitting on him.

15minuteficletsword #67: pause
Part of the Rome!verse and the London!verse


( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )
12th Aug, 2004 13:14 (UTC)

Yay! I loved this! And wow, it even has it's own !verse!

Plus, Andrew! Squee!
12th Aug, 2004 13:26 (UTC)
Blame the muse, it just wanted to write Andrew's perspective of this.
(Deleted comment)
12th Aug, 2004 13:28 (UTC)
The one thing I never got in this episode was Andrew going out with two girls when he spent season seven lusting after Spike and Xander. I'm sure he has lots of Spike fantasies kicking about in his fluffy little head.
12th Aug, 2004 18:22 (UTC)
sadly, i havent a clue who andrew is >growls at self for rediculous lack of dedication to btvs recently< but i liked this anyway! made me laugh... :D (and i'm going to immediately decide whos in my happy place.. cos i haver had one before. mm.. wolverine in tight jeans...)
12th Aug, 2004 23:17 (UTC)
Andrew was one of the three geeks who tried to kill Buffy is season six and got adopted by the Scoobies as a hostage/pet in season seven. He had a serious crush on Spike.
12th Aug, 2004 23:20 (UTC)
excellent!! >:D
13th Aug, 2004 16:24 (UTC)
As he grew in character and depth on the show, Andrew began to grow on me as well, especially during that last season. Very nicely done.
14th Aug, 2004 01:43 (UTC)
He did with me too. His comic releif from an otherwise dreary season was wonderful. Thanks for dropping by.
16th Aug, 2004 12:49 (UTC)
That's it exactly. That and him trying to redeem himself after he realises that Jonathan was his real friend (but I always liked Jonathan...he was a nice minor recurring character).
14th Aug, 2004 04:43 (UTC)
Aww, the mental images that I formed as I read your ficlet made me smile. Loved the cuddling puppies comparison and Angel's rampaging impatience. Angel's part of the phone call was hilarious. As for Andrew, I like how nothing seems to faze him. Happy place indeed! :D
14th Aug, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
I think Andrew would have been more timid in a direct confrontation, but he did hold his own here. Must have been the distraction of naked Spike.
10th Nov, 2004 19:43 (UTC)
That was good--but, then, everything I've read from you has that tendency. Weird; the bit at the beginning about Andrew answering Spike's phone is similar to something that happened to a friend of mine; he answered my guy's phone when I called, or something like that. :-)

I'm not actually all *that* familiar with Spike, Angel, etc., although I've heard of them. Luckily, your work's good enough for me to be able to forget to wonder who the hell these people are, lol!
11th Nov, 2004 00:18 (UTC)
It's one to the best compliments that the stories make sense without being familiar with the fandom. Thanks.
17th Oct, 2005 12:57 (UTC)
Hey! I just discovered this from your post at open_on_sunday. Good stuff.
17th Oct, 2005 21:30 (UTC)
Many thanks. Nice to hear you've enjoyed being led astray.
( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )