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Guessing Games

Guessing GamesSpike growled, the sound lost to the driving beat of the music, but his expression obvious to anyone with half a brain. Unfortunately people whose sole functioning brain segment was currently bathed in chemicals, weren't that quick to grasp that sometimes people wanted to beat them into a gooey paste. This was the seventh evangelically smiling dancer who'd hit on Spike for drugs.

Dawn sent the young man on his way before he needed the drugs that only a good long hospital stay could provide. The constant intrusion was starting to annoy her too. Taking Spike's hand, she led him outside where she could speak without yelling.

"Don't think we'll be hitting that night club again, want to find somewhere quieter?"

The tension drained from Spike, he'd been getting wound tighter with every solicitation. "One more mimed request for pharmaceuticals and I would have been separating heads from shoulders." Spike escorted Dawn to the DeSoto and got behind the wheel. "Where to, love?"

"The ocean. I'd like to see the ocean."

"Your wish is my command."

Dawn nudged him. "No wishes. Bad things can come of wishes." She had a smile on her face, but there was a seriousness to her tone that only someone familiar with vengeance demons would understand.

"Your desire..." Spike amended.

"Mmm... my desire. I'll hold you to that." She reached across and squeezed Spike's thigh. "Game of guess?"

As enjoyable as Dawn's caress was, he was grateful for the opportunity for a little distraction. It would give them a higher chance of reaching their destination without ending up embedded in a tree. "You start, pet."

Settled back in her seat, bare feet on the dash and brow furrowed in concentration, Dawn pondered her choice. "Got one. By the pricking of my thumbs. Something wicked this way comes."

"Easy." Spike looked across at Dawn, a grin on his face. "John Williams uses it in the soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

"You better not have seen that without taking me." Dawn was startled. "But that's not the source."

"Hey," Spike raised a hand. "I'm just getting started. It's a also film starring Jason Robards and Jonathon Pryce, from a Ray Bradbury novel, the Something Wicked This Way Comes part anyway. But the answer you really want is Macbeth. Try again before I cite chapter and verse."

There were times Dawn forgot what a film fan Spike was. She thought she might push him a little with her next line. "A little smile would light my life. A single touch would blow my mind."

At a loss, Spike ceded the game. "You've got me, where's it from?"

"'N Sync's Crazy For You." Dawn laughed at Spike's confusion.

"Oh, come on, they're a boy band. I thought talentless vocal groups were a no go area." Spike drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. "Okay. In honour of the patrons at the club tonight; I feel alive and the world turning inside out. Yeah! And floating around in ecstasy."

"Nice segue. I know it, but can't quite remember the name. Can I buy a vowel?" Dawn wondered if perhaps they spent too much time watching television.

Using the act of pulling into the parking lot as an excuse to think up something suitably esoteric, Spike turned off the engine before answering. "There's a good chance you're going to hell if you were ever a guest at one the lead singer's parties, seriously decadent affairs they were."

"That can only be Queen." As Dawn got out of the car she glanced at Spike to continue.

"What? You want more of a clue?" Dawn nodded eagerly. "Jazz."

"Got it, Don't Stop me Now." She did a happy dance, arms pumping wildly as Spike laughed at the spectacle. "Try again."

"You want to go down on the beach?" They stood on the grass verge beyond they parking lot, the tussocks of grass giving way to a sandy expanse that ended in gently lapping waves.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to sit here." The novelty of sand in unexpected places wore of quickly, she'd be quite happy if she never experienced that particular delight again. "So, what's your next attempt?"

Spike settled down behind Dawn and watched the waves roll up the beach, it was a soothing sound. "Hiding behind adumbral tresses, her breath catching in shock, sky bright eyes wide in surprise, she betrays no sign of fear." His measured tone matched the movement of the ocean.

"That was beautiful." Dawn leaned back against Spike. "I've never heard it before. Who was it?"

"I wrote that about the first time I saw you. Always have been a feisty little thing."

Dawn turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "As if I didn't have enough reasons to love you." She pushed Spike back on the grass and showed him just how much she loved him.

leni_ba's cya_ficathon master list for bashipforever — Desoto, poetry, nightclub

Winner of the Round One Seeing You at Bedtime Nibblet Award


( 19 howls — talk to the wolf )
6th Aug, 2004 14:17 (UTC)
hey, beautiful verse, wonderful writing AND i feel i have been educated! thanks.
>glugging caffeine-free coke like there was no tomorrow
6th Aug, 2004 14:33 (UTC)
Nothing like sneaking a little education in there. Usually it's on ways to disassemble the human body, so count yourself lucky.
6th Aug, 2004 14:19 (UTC)
Thanks Wolf, I needed something nice and light to uplift me. :) Nervous as heck here this morning, going for a job interview. ::bites nails:: I hate RL, why can't we all just live in fandom?
6th Aug, 2004 14:37 (UTC)
My pleasure.

Good luck with the interview. I had one a couple of weeks back, turned up 15 minutes late when I should have arrived 20 minutes early, thanks to a fucked up train system. I started an on site contract there today, no idea how long they'll need me, but job uncertainty is the price you pay for contract rates.
6th Aug, 2004 16:11 (UTC)
Delicious, nutritious, educational, and fun. I'm not knocking the short pieces - you're a master of those - but it is fun to see your longer works as well. Well done!
7th Aug, 2004 01:30 (UTC)
Many thanks. It's been fun doing this ficathon, I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed the results.
(Deleted comment)
6th Aug, 2004 16:40 (UTC)
I'm wondering if you recognised your own challenge.

And Wolf, an exquisite piece, just as always. :-D
(Deleted comment)
7th Aug, 2004 01:35 (UTC)
It was a nice surprise to find out this was yours. I'm thrilled you liked it.

Not know who you're writing fo until after the act has been interesting. I don't think moonbeamsfanfic counts, because she'd sussed me out by my profile and I knew it was her from her challenge request.
7th Aug, 2004 01:51 (UTC)
Not know who you're writing fo until after the act has been interesting. - I'm glad someone thought so. Personally I think half the stress of ficathons comes from connecting a 'face' to your assignée.
7th Aug, 2004 01:32 (UTC)
Thanks. That's the last of my challenges done too.
7th Aug, 2004 01:31 (UTC)
I'm drowning in Spawn goodness now

But what a way to go.
6th Aug, 2004 16:47 (UTC)

Another first! I loved the game as a segue way into their relationship! Very nice touch! As usual, the interaction between the two of them is priceless!
7th Aug, 2004 01:37 (UTC)
This week have been brought to you courtesy of < lj user="leni_ba"> and Spawn. I'm pleased you enjoyed the run.
(Deleted comment)
7th Aug, 2004 01:48 (UTC)
I have run across you in the past, probably on open_on_sunday, nice to see somebody else sucked into Spawndom.

Be warned that I don't write exclusively in the Jossverse, when I do it's mostly Spike/Dawn, and things tend to get quite dark around here when I write original fic. It doesn't help that I never bother telling anyone what fandom things belong in on my LJ, if in doubt, ask.
(Deleted comment)
7th Aug, 2004 02:09 (UTC)
There's a small group kicking about LJ, mostly interconnected via friends lists.
7th Aug, 2004 02:21 (UTC)
Nice set of segues, both from the party to being alone on the beach, and from the lighthearted game into the more serious relationship.

*dies over Spike writing poetry for Dawn* So romantic!
7th Aug, 2004 03:00 (UTC)
Thanks. Pleased you enjoyed the poetry bit. The art of poetry is completely alien to me, so happy it worked.
7th Aug, 2004 17:19 (UTC)
Loved the game! Loved the fic! Absolutely adored the poem!

Love the way your Spawnie mind works. ;-)
8th Aug, 2004 03:14 (UTC)
Pleased you enjoyed it. But I'll argue with you over the poem. I am not a fan of poetry and firmly believe that my effort sucks just as much as everyone elses. I'll happily allow Spike to lay claim to it instead.

My muse is just as likely to see a challenge and throw it to Croup and Vandemar or the Razor Girls as it is to Spike and Dawn. It's a contrary beast and plays by rules it hasn't seen fit to share with me. Very rude and most annoying.
( 19 howls — talk to the wolf )