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Serendipity"Tosser," Spike scoffed as he watched Angel run off into the crowd after The Immortal and his latest conquest, Buffy, like a great mooning teenager. He emptied his glass and picked up the bag to leave when an arm twined through his.

"Long time no see, stranger."

"Bit!" He threw his arms around Dawn and hugged her tightly. "What are you doing her?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing, but let's get out of here first, it's deafening."

Spike agreed and followed Dawn out of the nightclub, hailing a taxi to take her home.

Dawn brought Spike a beer and curled up on the lounge facing him. "So, what are you doing in Rome?"

Spike nudged the bag at his feet. "Returning the Capo di Famiglia stateside."

Looking at the bag in confusion, Dawn had to ask. "He's really small?"

"It's just his head," Spike chuckled.

"Ah, Goran demon. They have some resurrection ritual, don't they?"

Spike was impressed, Dawn's knowledge of the things that lurk in the dark had broadened since he'd last seen her. "Yeah. Bit of chanting, pinch of incense, the Capo's back and all is well with the world. But what were you doing at the club, love."

Dawn shrugged. "Hanging out with Buffy and her latest squeeze. Thought there'd be some cute Italian boys at the club, but then I saw something better."

"Yeah, what was that." Spike wasn't really sure he wanted to know, seeing Dawn after so long apart reminded him of the fun they used to have together. There was nothing quite like gluing Xander's shoes to the roof of his car to serve as a bonding experience.

Dawn hit Spike lightly on the arm. "I saw you, dork."

"Oh!" And then Spike's rational mind shutdown as Dawn leaned across and kissed him, his less rational side was fully in control as he pulled her into his lap and deepened the kiss.

They soon relocated to the bedroom, shedding clothes in their wake and were far too immersed in the business of getting to know each other again to hear the front door open as one of The Immortal's men took the bag containing the Capo di Famiglia.

But that would be a worry for another day.

tinpanalley's birthday challenge — The Girl in Question
15minuteficletsword #66: devotion
Part of the Rome!verse and the London!verse


( 14 howls — talk to the wolf )
4th Aug, 2004 08:35 (UTC)
lol, gluing xanders shoes to the car! heres the glue again huh? i love your little jokes, very Joss-like. Fits just right into the verse. and spike calling angel a tosser just brought back memories of happier times, when i used to watch BTVS on BBC2. ahh.
4th Aug, 2004 09:05 (UTC)
I like to torture Xander and Angel, must be why I like writing Spike. Pleased to have amused you.
4th Aug, 2004 14:04 (UTC)
Very nice indeed! It could have happened... no, really.
5th Aug, 2004 01:59 (UTC)
Certainly better than mooning over the childish Buffy.
4th Aug, 2004 18:46 (UTC)

I loved it! Just what I wanted! It would be the birthday gift that kept on giving if there was more!
5th Aug, 2004 02:04 (UTC)
Seesh! Some people are never satisfied. ::grin::

Got one more challenge for this ficathon, moonbeamsfanfic still needs to tell me why Spike and Dawn are in London if she wants to see Declán, so I'll see what I can do after that. Don't be shy about dropping me a hint if I'm a bit slow, I won't mind.
5th Aug, 2004 15:49 (UTC)
Ooh, I like this little change to things. And, I loved the bit about the shoes.
6th Aug, 2004 10:06 (UTC)
Xander, and his shoes, are not safe from my Spike and Dawn. Happy you enjoyed my twist on things.
(Deleted comment)
6th Aug, 2004 10:07 (UTC)
It was a funny episode, but not really fair to any of the characters. I'm pleased you like my version better.
6th Aug, 2004 03:17 (UTC)
Looking at the bag in confusion, Dawn had to ask.

"Looks like you could fit about seven more heads in there, don't you think?" ;)

Seriously... okay, I still know nothing about the Buffy timeline, but wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your stories, at least. :) They often have something that make me smile.
6th Aug, 2004 10:17 (UTC)
This particular demon only appeared in one episode.

The Capo di Famiglia (I have enough of a grasp on Italian to know that means head of the household) is a Goran demon who holds his clan in check. When a Goran demon ages his head gets really large and eventually falls off, certain rituals are performed and a new body grows from the head. If the ritual isn't performed in time, the Capo dies, there's a power vacuum and the other clans fight amongst themselves to take over.

Probably more than you needed to know.

I'm pleased you're enjoying these without having a familiarity with the show.
(Deleted comment)
7th Aug, 2004 02:02 (UTC)
Thanks. I torture Xander a lot too.
9th Aug, 2004 07:33 (UTC)
*grins happily* I love the way you write Spike/Dawn interactions. Their bond is evident despite the time and distance apart. Their conversation about the head and shoes was so funny. These details make your wonderful ficlet come to life.
9th Aug, 2004 10:05 (UTC)
A really appreciate your feedback, it made my day.
( 14 howls — talk to the wolf )