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FrustrationDawn would have loved to scream in frustration, but that would only result in panicked people appearing with weapons at the ready. There was nothing worth throwing that would result in a satisfying crash, plus it would receive the same reaction as screaming, although possibly with less weapons.

She'd put too much hard work into her notes to start shredding them, so she was stuck with the extremely unsatisfying silent fuming that was bordering on crying.

Strong hands started massaging the tension from her shoulders.

"Fancy going out for ice cream, love?"

And suddenly, the world seemed a brighter place.

open_on_sundaychallenge #71: invitations
Part of the Hand!verse


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2nd Aug, 2004 12:46 (UTC)

Spike comes to the rescue! Loved it!
2nd Aug, 2004 13:36 (UTC)
I like Spike being the rescue guy. Happy you do too.
2nd Aug, 2004 20:17 (UTC)
lovely little fic. if it were me in dawns shoes spike woulda had his wrists broken if he dared touch me during a rage. actually.. can you write that one? that boy can do pain good... ;)
2nd Aug, 2004 22:11 (UTC)
Dawn's more frustrated than anything at the moment. Annoyed at being lumbered with the research while the braindead Slayers get their beauty sleep and she can't find the connection she needs to solve her problem. So wrist breakage probably isn't going to come into it. No really a thing in my Spike and Dawn, that's more Buffy behaviour than anything.

3rd Aug, 2004 00:11 (UTC)
oh i agree completely, i think she has a totally different way of reacting to her anger. Damn lucky for spike really, the females in Joss's verse can really cause damage when they want to! ;)
(Deleted comment)
3rd Aug, 2004 22:45 (UTC)
No probs, nice to see you sticking your head over the fence for a chat.
(Deleted comment)
4th Aug, 2004 00:07 (UTC)
You may want to check first, especially with my original stuff, which quite often includes scary, head choppy things.
5th Aug, 2004 16:34 (UTC)
Grrrrr, I know that level of frustration. Sadly, I rarely have a pair of hands appearing to help with the tension. Nice.
7th Aug, 2004 02:13 (UTC)
Thanks. I get the feeling that the mention of hands and you're anybody's. Writing in this particular !verse always makes me think of you.
9th Aug, 2004 22:57 (UTC)
It definitely gets my attention. ;) I'm happy this makes you think of me -- nice to know I'm "inspiring" something so good.
( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )