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Rhythm"What's a sweet young thing like you doing sitting all alone, love?"

Dawn closed her eyes and leaned against Spike as he settled onto the couch beside her. Breath catching in her throat as he swept her hair aside and placed a trail of kisses along her neck and shoulder. She turned in his arms and met his lips in a lingering kiss.

"I've been abandoned. Janice decided that mauling Perry in public was more fun." Dawn nodded to the dance floor where Janice and Perry were glued together, looking more like a prank involving super glue that had gone horribly wrong than a passionate couple.

"The bitch!" Spike whispered in her ear in mock outrage, chuckling at the juvenile gropings. It looked like Perry was attempting a tonsillectomy with his tongue, always a winning move, it was right up there with the Hoover technique. "Good thing they don't both have braces, I think the jaws of life would be needed to pry them apart." He winced in sympathy, positive he could hear teeth smashing together. Spike could see a very happy dentist in their future if it carried on for much longer.

Dawn stood, taking Spike's hand and leading him into the crowd of dancers. "Care to show them how it's done?"

"My pleasure." Spike placed his hands on Dawn's hips, as she wrapped hers around his neck. They swayed to the rhythm of the beat, their bodies almost, but never quite touching.

Spike guided their sensuous dance, Dawn mirroring his movements perfectly, the world retreating as they lost themselves in each other. Whole conversations carried on with a glance, the tilt of a head, the quirk of a mouth or a raised eyebrow. Words were insufficient, touch and expression were far more eloquent ways of communicating their feelings for each other.

As the song faded into another, Spike pulled Dawn against his body, kissing her deeply. He brushed his lips against her ear, making promises of things to come and, with a final squeeze of her hand, he melted into the crowd.

A smile still on her lips, Dawn returned to her seat, not at all surprised to see Janice. She had managed to disconnect herself from Perry and was almost bouncing on the chair in excitement.

"So, who's the dish?" Janice leaned across the table. "Spill. I want details."

"He's a friend." Dawn smiled benignly, enjoying that she had Janice jealous for once.

"That was more than friendship. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen." Janice's eyes were practically bugging out. "I'm sure dancing like that is illegal in some states."

Dawn's smile widened slightly. "We're very good friends."

Spike reappeared at Dawn's side. "Got your coat, love. Ready to hit the road?"

"Yes, thanks." She stood and slipped on the coat that Spike held out for her. "I'll see you later, Janice."

"But you haven't even told me his name," she called after Dawn and Spike's retreating forms.

Janice almost screamed in frustration. Just when she thought she had cool and sophisticated college boyfriend, Dawn's British honey makes him look like a fumbling amateur. She wondered if there were more at home like that one. Perry forgotten, Janice made plans to wheedle the whole story out of Dawn tomorrow.

leni_ba's cya_ficathon master list for moonbeamsfanfic — Dawn's school friends reaction to meeting / seeing Spike, whether up close or from afar. And Dawn's reaction to their reactions
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, ficathon, fiction, spike
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