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IdiosyncrasyLauren was the kind of person you hoped for in a flatmate. She was nice, a bit of a neat freak and fairly well disposed to cleaning up after others, plus she was a reasonable cook. But best of all, she didn't have a loser drug addict boyfriend who hung around stealing anything that wasn't nailed down.

No one thought much about it when she first put the picture up on the mantelpiece. But Roj and Julie did start to wonder what she was up to, as more and more candles appeared over the weeks. They were gathered in little clusters around the photo, as if worshipping it.

After losing a round of rock, paper scissors with the others, Kevin finally asked Lauren about the photo. She said it was a family heirloom, actually used the word heirloom too. Bent Kevin's ear for an hour about how her father had taken it before she was born, how it was really famous and had made her father rich. Of course there was also the sad tale of how he'd lost all the money and learned some great lesson, but Kevin was nearly in a boredom-induced coma by the time Lauren started to wind down.

The origin of the photo was discussed amongst the others in hushed tones once Lauren had left the apartment.

Roj, the film nut of the group, reckoned Lauren was taking the mickey. He'd seen Lauren's father once and reckoned the man wasn't old enough to have photographed Marilyn Monroe. To prove his point, he took the photograph out of its frame to reveal that it was just a commercial postcard, an old postcard, but a postcard none the less.

He confronted Lauren when she returned home. There was an all out slanging match that afternoon, name calling, candle throwing, a pot plant that was later declared unsalvageable. Eventually Lauren burst into tears and ran from the room, the photo cradled to her chest.

A smiling Lauren later surfaced from her room and offered to make dinner by way of apology.

Roj was pretty sick afterwards. Kevin's room was next to the bathroom and he couldn't sleep for the sound of Roj throwing up all night.

Lauren said there was a nasty flu going around work, but Roj insisted she was trying to poison him. He moved out the next day.

Julie and Kevin arranged for another flatmate. Before Darren moved in, they told him it was best not to mention the photo over the fire and asked if he'd be available on Tuesday to let in the electrician who was installing chaser lights around Lauren's personal shrine.

15minuteficletsword #65: impression


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29th Jul, 2004 14:36 (UTC)
I like this, a funny little snatch of some life somewhere, one of those little episodes between friends that just happens and then passes all the time, almsot like a photograph its so sketchy, just gives you an impressoin.. ah hence the word. well written! and can i just say, that since all your ficlets with Spike i went out and bought the Spike dvd from the Buffy dvd releases... have watched each ep a few times now when the cousin in online, and am rather enjoying him! ;)
29th Jul, 2004 22:29 (UTC)
For some insane reason I was certain the challenge this week was devotion, fortunately this works just as well for impression.

Spike is a very cool character, nice to hear you're enjoying his eps.
29th Jul, 2004 17:49 (UTC)
Neat and quirky. Of course, I'd've suspected something with the dinner as soon as she offered, but that's me :) At least Roj recognized it afterwards, before things got worse.

Only thing I'd change is as if they were worshipping it to as if worshipping it - sounds 'cleaner'.

And a prime example of why some people's fancies should be left well enough alone! :D
29th Jul, 2004 22:34 (UTC)
In the real world Roj probably wouldn't have expected to be poisoned, but if he was paying attention to some of the other stuff I write, he may have thought twice about picking an argument with an insane woman. At least he survived the experience.

Hey, nobody died this time around, the muse must be slacking off.

Changed the worshipping thing, thanks for that.
29th Jul, 2004 22:35 (UTC)
Ah, yes - a day in the life of someone... or at least a few paragraphs. Well written and lovely as always. ^_^ I've missed reading these things. But no more! I am back, and I am catching up on your drabbles and whatnot. ::hugs::
29th Jul, 2004 22:40 (UTC)
Nice to see you back. Unless you were being imprisoned as Spike's willing sex slave, then you're probably not too happy to be loosed upon the world.
30th Jul, 2004 07:05 (UTC)
Quirky. I like Lauren's take on life, and I feel a bit sorry for Roj. Also like the "all out slanging match" and the snatch about installing chaser lights. Good stuff.
30th Jul, 2004 07:08 (UTC)
I've seen religious shrines with chaser lights installed, I figured why should Lauren miss out on the tackiness.
30th Jul, 2004 09:05 (UTC)
Yikes, Lauren gives a new definition to the word obsession. She appears to be the perfect flatmate, but woe to anyone who dares to mess with her precious picture. Poor Roj; he never had a chance once he questioned Lauren about photo. *grins* The addition of the chaser lights was a wonderful way to end this. You show how truly obsessed she is with every detail.
30th Jul, 2004 09:43 (UTC)
Thanks very much. I enjoyed having Lauren ease her obsession into the group and in the end have her flatmates accepting it, even if they were still wary. I think Roj ended up with the better end of the deal to be well out of that living situation.
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