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A Lot To Learn

A Lot To LearnThe huge creature, more mutant bear than werewolf, leapt for the throat of the woman. She slammed a shoulder into its abdomen and following the stumbling creature, pinned it down and latched onto its throat with blunt human teeth. She increased the pressure until it ceased struggling and started to change back to human form.

Wolf sat crosslegged on the ground shaking her head in disbelief at a now human Oz. Hollywood had a lot to answer for if her little brother didn't even know what a real werewolf looked like.

open_on_sundaychallenge #42: crossovers
Part of the Wolf&Declán!verse


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13th Jun, 2005 20:45 (UTC)
Can't believe nobody's commented on this.

~~Hollywood had a lot to answer for if her little brother didn't even know what a real werewolf looked like.~~
I kinda got the same impression a couple months back watching the third 'Harry Potter' movie. Much as I love the movies and the books, Rowling's impression of werewolves is pretty dismal.
13th Jun, 2005 23:00 (UTC)
This was not only my first shot in that particular drabble community, but also my first drabble. I think I confused people. I do that.

Hollywood werewolves suck. Most werewolf books suck. The HP werewolf sucked. I'm doing my bit to redress that.
16th Jun, 2005 23:05 (UTC)
Yeah, my mental image of them has always been considerably more lupine than the typical Hollywood version.
16th Jun, 2005 23:12 (UTC)
Rather than do the crap makeup, you'd think it would be easier to just use a real wolf (or a Malamute, as they usually do). Every time I run across stupid executive decisions like this I think longingly of the ship full of useless middle management morons it H2G2. It would be so nice to stick them all in a ship and stend them off into space.
24th Jun, 2005 22:05 (UTC)
Yeah, one would assume that. The only trouble would be training, but surely that takes far less time than designing a so-called good makeup job and having the actor sit for X hours a day letting them put it on, or designing/animating a halfway "decent" CGI version.
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )