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Muzak Quality

Muzak QualityDawn scrolled down the screen. "Don't Worry, Be Happy, Copacabana, Mandy... Hey, what's Afternoon Delight?"

"Grab that one, love. Worst song I've ever heard. See if they have that godawful Pina Colada song and I've Never Been to Me. That should suffice."

Dawn made a pretence of grabbing a pen from Anya's supply by the register and nabbed Xander's phone at the same time.

Spike's fingers flew across the keypad as her reprogrammed the phone with a new ringtone for each phone number.

Having tired of show tunes, they thought they'd push into the new frontier of really bad songs.

wordoftheday100suffice, pretence, frontier
Part of the Mischief!verse


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28th Jul, 2004 13:09 (UTC)

Yay! More mischief on poor Xander! Yes, the Pina Colada song is the worst. Heaven help the person who has that ring tone!
28th Jul, 2004 13:19 (UTC)
I think Afternoon Delight grates on me more, but it's a close call. If you get the chance, check out PCU for the best use of Afternoon Delight as an implement of torture.

As for the hideous Never Been to Me, I just makes me want to track down anybody associated with that song and destroy them.
28th Jul, 2004 14:48 (UTC)
Heh. Don't forget Don't Worry, Be Happy - or are they sticking to older bad songs? ^_^

You'd think Xander would keep better watch over his phone by now, unless he likes their choices.
28th Jul, 2004 23:15 (UTC)
If it makes you want to puncture your eardrums in self-defence, it's in. Don't Worry, Be Happy definitely qualifies.

Xander has never really been quick on the learning.
28th Jul, 2004 15:27 (UTC)
Lol, poor Xander, always the but(t). My friend has a wav player on his phone, so every time his mum phones he has a recording of her screaming "pick up the phone!!". Can't help but think this is where they're going to stray next... ;)
28th Jul, 2004 23:17 (UTC)
I don't know where they're going next, see what the challenges bring.
28th Jul, 2004 15:49 (UTC)
*ggg* Me loves this 'verse.

Oh, Girl from Ipanema, that one brings memories...
28th Jul, 2004 23:18 (UTC)
The torturing of Xander is a great standby for when the muse is uncooperative.
28th Jul, 2004 23:45 (UTC)
*laughs* I see. *pets Xander* Oh well, it's a war&love creed when our muses are involved, isn't it?
28th Jul, 2004 21:56 (UTC)
You know, I actually like The Girl From Ipanema... but other than that, great! (Those two are dangerous together, in a good way.)
28th Jul, 2004 23:20 (UTC)
Rendering anything as electronic beeps doesn't do it much favours music wise. In retrospect, Don't Worry, Be Happy might have been a better / worse choice.
15th Nov, 2004 07:27 (UTC)
Holy shit; that's downright evil! Haha! Those songs are all *beyond* cringe-worthy.
15th Nov, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
I recommend digging up a copy of PCU (finally available of DVD) for the best usage of torture by Afternoon Delight.
( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )