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Muzak Quality

Muzak QualityDawn scrolled down the screen. "Don't Worry, Be Happy, Copacabana, Mandy... Hey, what's Afternoon Delight?"

"Grab that one, love. Worst song I've ever heard. See if they have that godawful Pina Colada song and I've Never Been to Me. That should suffice."

Dawn made a pretence of grabbing a pen from Anya's supply by the register and nabbed Xander's phone at the same time.

Spike's fingers flew across the keypad as her reprogrammed the phone with a new ringtone for each phone number.

Having tired of show tunes, they thought they'd push into the new frontier of really bad songs.

wordoftheday100suffice, pretence, frontier
Part of the Mischief!verse
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, mischief, spike
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