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CryptoloonSpike was reading Dawn's e-mail over her shoulder. "What's that, love? Another apocalypse?"

Dawn snorted. "Some cryptoloon conspiracy nut I ran across on eBay selling some wacky mathematical formula that predicted his messianic arrival in less than 24 hours."

"The messiah has e-mail and eBay accounts?"

"Yeah. He's taking the internet down with him when he arrives." Dawn turned back to Spike and grinned broadly. "In New Jersey."

"Best synchronise watches." Spike made a show of checking his wrist. "Does the messiah have a name?"

Dawn pointed to the sender field. "QuePirate. Bet all the other gods laughed at him."



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24th Jul, 2004 06:11 (UTC)
Say, as long as Dawn is playing around on eBay, do you think you could talk her into buying me KITT? ::blinks innocently::
24th Jul, 2004 06:30 (UTC)
Not unless she's using Xander's account.
(Deleted comment)
25th Jul, 2004 02:14 (UTC)
It seemed appropriate. May as well do something useful with such sterling drivel.
24th Jul, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
Cryptoloon... heehee.
25th Jul, 2004 02:17 (UTC)
The cryptoloon is real. The really amusing stuff came via follow up letters to me and feorag. His arrival and destruction of the internet was supposed to happen an hour ago, must have been held up in traffic.
24th Jul, 2004 14:24 (UTC)
When you said New Jersey, I flashed on Jay and Silent Bob... I liked this piece; it made me grin.
25th Jul, 2004 02:21 (UTC)
New Jersey is where the cyrptoloon claimed to be making his glorious arrival, and also where his IP address and eBay accounts came from. This guy arrived, in all his fully formed lunatic splendour, in my inbox.

Feel free to send Jay and Silent Bob around for a chat with him, a few more invisible friends wouldn't go astray.
(Deleted comment)
25th Jul, 2004 02:22 (UTC)
I found it amusing when I got the e-mail I gave to Dawn. Thought I'd share.
24th Jul, 2004 18:11 (UTC)

As always, so funny!
25th Jul, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
Pleased to have amused you.
24th Jul, 2004 18:12 (UTC)
LOL, made me grin, i like dawns mischievous character.
25th Jul, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
Thanks. Dawn is fun to work with.
25th Jul, 2004 10:38 (UTC)
lol... I'm not sure I know where this comes from.

As to the stuff about my site... I know. But I don;t know how to say it to the designer. Help me?

email me or something... she's on the flist and I don;t want to hurt her feelings, she's a doll

25th Jul, 2004 22:31 (UTC)
I'm not sure I know where this comes from

You would if you saw my inbox and the pointing and laughing over at the
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<i>I'm not sure I know where this comes from</i>

You would if you saw my inbox and the pointing and laughing over at the <a href="a href="http://prattle.antipope.org/">Pagan Prattle</a>.
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