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PassionsDawn came home to find the house in something of a state.

Empty bottles were scattered throughout the living room and odd broken items were lying about. A broken bottle was under the coffee table, what may have been a cup, or possibly a plate, was in the sink, there were droplets of blood near the microwave and it looked like the boxes of cereal had decided to explode en masse. The trail of destruction led to the basement, where Spike was hammering away at the punching bag.

"What's going on?" Spike hit the bag with an unrelenting rhythm. Dawn was about to repeat her question when he stopped.

Without looking at her, Spike marched up the stairs, his steps heavy enough to shake the structure. "Get a bag packed. We're heading to LA."

"What?" Dawn ran after Spike.

"Bag. Now. Let's go."

"No." Dawn stood her ground, arms folded across her chest and a look of fierce determination on her face. "Tell me what's going on." She carefully enunciated each word.

"Timmy's dead. I'm going to LA to turn him." Spike shrugged into his coat and pulled his car keys from a pocket.

"Timmy?" Dawn didn't know a Timmy. The only Timmy she'd even heard of was a character on a bad soap opera that Spike and her mother loved. The shoe dropped. "Not Timmy from Passions? They killed him off?" It had taken a while but she'd finally weaned herself off the appalling, yet strangely addictive show and she wasn't familiar with the current story lines.

"Yes. No." Spike was getting more and more worked up. "Yeah, they killed him off, but that never means anything on Passions. The actor died. Come on, let's go, we have places to be, people to turn." He took her elbow and maneuvered her towards the door.

Dawn gently but firmly removed Spike's hand and took his keys. "Spike. I'm pretty sure you can't make a vampire out of somebody who's already dead." She led him to the bathroom. "Now let's get you cleaned up. There may be more alcohol on your outside than your inside and I think you have Rice Krispies in your hair."

Spike went along without argument, Dawn always made things make sense. Except the Rice Krispies, he was sure there were none in the house. He'd have to ask her about that. When he was feeling a bit better.

15minuteficletsword #64: bathtub


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22nd Jul, 2004 13:48 (UTC)
*helpless with laughter* I just have this visual of Spike with Rice-Krispie head... what a good way to start the day. And *happy birthday*, or so I hear!
22nd Jul, 2004 14:14 (UTC)
It's probably best not to know how he got Rice Krispie head. And thank you for the birthday greetings.
22nd Jul, 2004 14:45 (UTC)

Spike would totally do that, wouldn't he? Ah, yes, that's why I love him, he is kind of insane!

Very funny!

May you have a very happy birthday! There could be some Spawn in it for you if you'd like...
23rd Jul, 2004 00:12 (UTC)
Mmm... Spawn... You mentioned Spawn...
23rd Jul, 2004 04:01 (UTC)

Check out my LJ! There's a little birthday something for you!
22nd Jul, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
Happy birthday! :D

Great way to use the FMF word this week. (I thought it was one of the odder words to use, but then...) My problem was that I wrote the entire piece, then went to the top (where I'd typed the word) and realized I'd never used it. So I had to tack it on at the end. Glad to see you managed to work it into the story.

And Passions! Don't tell me you watch that? ;)
23rd Jul, 2004 00:14 (UTC)
I looks like most people opted for a bathroom scene with this challenge but I'd rather mention it in passing.

I don't watch Passions, but Spike does. I didn't know it was even a real show until I stumbled over it one day.
22nd Jul, 2004 15:55 (UTC)
happy birthday wolf :D and thanks for a laugh, poor poor spike i love his wayward.. uh, ways!

ta for the wolverine, god bless his healing factor.. i'm going to be messing with it tonight ;)
23rd Jul, 2004 00:15 (UTC)
Well, what's a vampire to do when they start messing with him favourite show?

I do hope Logan survives his adventures with you, I'd like to see him fit enough to take part in your crossover.
22nd Jul, 2004 16:38 (UTC)
Poor, poor Spike.... ::shakes head ruefully:: Over a century old, and still needs a babysitter. ;P
23rd Jul, 2004 00:17 (UTC)
There are some things that will push people over the edge. If Joyce was still around, I have to wonder if she would have been siding with Spike or Dawn, she loved Passions as much as Spike does.
22nd Jul, 2004 19:20 (UTC)
Happy birthday!!! :D

"Now let's get you cleaned up. There may be more alcohol on your outside than your inside and I think you have Rice Krispies in your hair."

I love that line!...Super-super-funny spawnie ficlet!!:)
23rd Jul, 2004 00:18 (UTC)
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love your hiddenvamps icon.
23rd Jul, 2004 18:24 (UTC)
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love your hiddenvamps icon.

You are welcome!....... and thanks, I am glad that you like the icon!..I am working in some icons and a group of them is named *Square-vamps*, hehehe...I know it is a silly thing, but is so funny too! :D ...of course, if you want , you can use *Grrrreeny* and *Hiddenvamp*! :)

(Deleted comment)
23rd Jul, 2004 00:18 (UTC)
Many thanks.
23rd Jul, 2004 10:05 (UTC)
*grins* I can just picture Spike being very protective of Timmy. I love the way Dawn takes charge to help him, and I enjoyed reading this.
24th Jul, 2004 03:25 (UTC)
Better the alternative of having a drunk vampire roaming about in LA cemeteries looking to dig up his favourite actor.
23rd Jul, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
"Spike. I'm pretty sure you can't make a vampire out of somebody who's already dead."

Man, Spike really shouldn't make plans when he's drunk. *hugs him*
24th Jul, 2004 03:26 (UTC)
Drunken plans, that don't invovle the procurement of food or more alcohol, are rarely good plans in the cold light of sober.
24th Jul, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
Lol! For some reason that made my whole day completely worth it! Yeah I can't get the image of Spike out of my head with Rice Krispies

Happy Birthday!
24th Jul, 2004 04:26 (UTC)
Spike got off lightly, it could have been worse than Rice Krispie head.
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