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MannersWhen there was no answer to my knock, I called out. "Mrs Lucent? It's Robert with your groceries."

"It's unlocked, Robert. Let yourself in."

I opened the door and saw that one Mrs Lucent's dining chairs had been tipped over. Setting the bags on the table, I righted the chair.

"Want me to put them away for you, Mrs L?" It wasn't part of the service I offered to anyone else, Mrs Lucent was special, the closest thing I had to family. She always reminded me of my gran, but without the hatred of the Irish and the urge to belt the living daylights out of me at the drop of a hat.

"You don't have to do that, dear." Mrs Lucent joined me as I started to unpack, she placed a 10" chef's knife on the table and took the apples into the kitchen. I noticed spots of blood near the hem of her dress as she turned.

I took the heavy items across to the pantry. "Yes I do. You're my favourite customer, Mrs L, you know that." She giggled like a schoolgirl.

It was a small courtesy and the least I could do after she saved my arse when I almost got fired. A customer having a bad day, filed a complaint about me. If Mrs Lucent hadn't had a word to my boss I don't know where I'd be now. It may be a shitty job, but it paid the bills and until I finished college, I didn't have much choice about it.

"Oh, Robert. You'll be a fine catch for some sweet young thing one day."

"You know you're the only girl for me, Mrs L." We always played this game. It always made Mrs Lucent seem years younger.

"Take care of yourself, dear."

"You too. See you next week." As I left her house I wondered what she'd been up to today. I'd always been curious, especially after the customer who'd complained about me disappeared, but somehow it seemed a little forward to ask Mrs Lucent who she'd been carving up in her bathroom.

It was why I'd long ago given up asking Mrs Lucent to lock her doors. I knew she could take care of herself.

15minuteficletsword #63: bloody


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19th Jul, 2004 01:31 (UTC)
A homicidal granny? Huh. Well, I suppose as long as she's making herself useful... ;)
19th Jul, 2004 01:46 (UTC)
I was a bit late with this one. All week Spike has been running around in my head saying Bloody Hell!. No story to go with it, of course. Although, having seen the latest installment of Life at the Lair I found out what he's been up to instead of helping me with stories. Can't complain there.

This came to me while walking the dogs last night. It was much longer, not that the cuts hurt it, and Mrs Lucent had a far cooler name, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. At least the useful bits decided to stick around.
19th Jul, 2004 02:03 (UTC)
I found out what he's been up to instead of helping me with stories.

You saying you want me to kick him out so he can go back to whispering story ideas in your ear? Instead of nibbling upon said ear? Are you sure about that? :D
19th Jul, 2004 02:11 (UTC)
I'm quite happy where he is, just annoyed that the cheeky bugger didn't let me know sooner. Of course, if he had, I wouldn't have gotten any writing done.
19th Jul, 2004 05:51 (UTC)
What's up with the serial killers lately? Not that I mind -- you write them well, and utterly-blasé-acquaintance!Robert is a great touch. :-D
19th Jul, 2004 06:15 (UTC)
I do seem to have a serial killer fetish at the moment. No idea what that's about.

Robert's not so much blasé, as protective. Mrs Lucent stood up for him, so he feels he should keep her secret. Robert isn't big on the thinking, but I suspect Mrs Lucent feels she can trust him or he'd have ended up as the secret ingredient in her famous meat pies long ago.
21st Jul, 2004 17:26 (UTC)
Nice one! Dark without being too heavy and intense, just a bit of curiousness to occupy my mind.
22nd Jul, 2004 04:05 (UTC)
Well, what's the fun of making little old lady's serial killers if they're going to be slavering monsters. Having them be sweet and adorable is much more fun. Possibly why I love Arsenic and Old Lace so much.
23rd Jul, 2004 09:52 (UTC)
Your icon is a perfect match for this wonderful ficlet. Mrs. L is so utterly genteel and refined on the surface. Dig a little deeper or make her angry, and you may not survive her homicidal tendencies. I can just picture her smiling ever so politely as she wields her knife. Awesome job!
24th Jul, 2004 03:23 (UTC)
I don't think Mrs Lucent would be a woman to cross. Pleased you enjoyed it.
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