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Overshade"He didn't have the acumen to walk away from trouble." Mr Croup held his light over the stream and watched a small trail of bubbles rippling the surface.

The oleaginous slick atop the open sewer swept past, floating debris disturbing the random rainbow swirls. A shoe bobbed to the surface briefly, before slowly sinking again.

"Shame, Mr Croup." Mr Vandemar leaned against the wall, cleaning blood from beneath his fingernails. "Should have been watching his back, might have seen the knife coming."

All sign of the body now swept away. "He allowed avarice to adumbrate sense, never a wise decision."

wordoftheday100oleaginous, acumen, adumbrate


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14th Jul, 2004 14:55 (UTC)
As always, I'm impressed. All three words in a drabble. Bravo! Now, I'm going to refer to my dictionary. ;-)
14th Jul, 2004 22:02 (UTC)
Thanks. If you click on the challenge words, they link through to the challenge that has meanings and links to Dictionary.com.
14th Jul, 2004 22:21 (UTC)
Oh! Cool! That will certainly cut the wear and tear on my dictionary (ies--I'm obsessive!)
15th Jul, 2004 06:16 (UTC)
"He allowed avarice to adumbrate sense..." Love it. How marvelously pedantic. (Oleaginous makes for a pretty darn impressive drabble word, too. Whew.)
15th Jul, 2004 09:08 (UTC)
When I get challenge words like this lot, only Mr Croupo seems to fit the bill. That I was feeling quite the smart arse last night.
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )