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Novelty"Help me, Spike. You're my only hope."

"Let me get this straight, Bit."

Now that he had an income to speak of, Andrew's neophilia had caused him to blow three months salary on merchandising for the latest Star Wars film.

"You want me to ask Lorne to have a word to George Lucas about getting Andrew the little plastic man that's missing from his collection? You're kidding me? You must be swimming in packaging at your place."

"He doesn't take them out of the boxes." Dawn spoke through gritted teeth.

"Oh. Hang on a moment, love." He switched lines. "Lorne..."



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8th Jul, 2004 18:12 (UTC)
That is so very perfectly Andrew!
9th Jul, 2004 09:54 (UTC)
And if only it was just Andrew that suffered from this problem. Searching for the icon image was way too easy.
8th Jul, 2004 19:09 (UTC)

Great, as always!

Loved the dynamic with Andrew thrown in!
9th Jul, 2004 09:56 (UTC)
Andrew is the sweetie and I couldn't think of anyone this challenge suited more.
8th Jul, 2004 19:39 (UTC)
So good to have friends in high places! :0)

Had to look up "neophilia" - thought it was something to do with being naughty with dead people... *pouts*
9th Jul, 2004 09:58 (UTC)
That would be necrophilia you were thinking of. And as Spike is technically dead, walking around dead, but still dead, you weren't too far off course.
9th Jul, 2004 13:40 (UTC)
I knew that! *looks round defensively*
10th Jul, 2004 23:14 (UTC)
My dictionary didn't have "neophilia", but it did have "neophyte". Am I close?

I really love these. As soon as I get my ficathon fics finished (say that ten times real fast) I'm going to start playing this game! It really looks like fun!

As usual, love the story. Dawn does try the old boy, doesn't she?
11th Jul, 2004 03:14 (UTC)
1. the trait of being excited and pleased by novelty. Common among most hackers, SF fans, and members of several other connected leading-edge subcultures, including the pro-technology Whole Earth wing of the ecology movement, space activists, many members of Mensa, and the Discordian/neo-pagan underground. All these groups overlap heavily and (where evidence is available) seem to share characteristic hacker tropisms for science fiction, music, and oriental food. The opposite tendency is neophobia

I'd certainly love to see you joining in the drabble fun.

Dawn does try the old boy, doesn't she?

Probably a good thing Spike is dead. I expect he'd be having a high blood pressure problem by now.
11th Jul, 2004 06:28 (UTC)
Thanks for the definition. Makes sense now. I do think I'll have to join the 15min fun. It's so tempting and like Oscar Wilde . . . .

"Probably a good thing Spike is dead. I expect he'd be having a high blood pressure problem by now."

At least! :-))
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