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Clarification"Spike." Dawn had her lip locked in full pout, it might have worked if Spike wasn't studiously ignoring her. "Can I borrow your duster?"

"Don't have a duster, love."

Dawn's pout was replaced by confusion. "Yeah, you do. It's hanging by the door."

Spike looked up at last. "That is a coat."

"Buffy said it was a duster."

"Pet, a duster is what guys wear in cowboy movies. You'd do well to remember that Buffy has no concept of pop culture pre-90s and shouldn't be trusted on anything that doesn't involve killing things."

"Okay. So, can I borrow your coat?"

tv100making friends
bashipforever has a great followup: Peace Offering


7th Jul, 2004 16:37 (UTC)
I love the way you write these two and their interactions!
8th Jul, 2004 01:22 (UTC)
Thanks. The muse has been kind to me with Spike and Dawn. ::pats muse::