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Blake's 7

Blake's 7Dawn signed for the delivery, Spike still too wrapped up in having all 57 episodes of The Professionals in his possession to have noticed the courier's knock.

"Spike, another Amazon.uk delivery." She nearly lost fingers in Spike's pounce shred attack and wondered if this counted as using his vampiric speed for good or evil.

Two boxes, (one silver, one bronze) emerged from the packaging. "Blake's 7! A bunch of morally ambiguous prisoners steal a ship and form an interplanetary resistance group battling for survival against a totalitarian super-power."

Dawn looked blank.

"Bloody Americans! Complete disregard for Brit telly pop culture."

open_on_sundaychallenge #67: the 80s
Part of the Mischief!verse


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5th Jul, 2004 03:17 (UTC)
Well, at least now I know the one-sentence summary about Blake's 7.

A silver and a bronze box
One silver-and-bronze box or two boxes (one silver, one bronze)?
5th Jul, 2004 03:27 (UTC)
Two boxes. I was screwing around with that for ages, my brain was not cooperating on it. Thanks.
5th Jul, 2004 13:46 (UTC)
"Bloody Americans! Complete disregard for Brit telly pop culture."

Ain't it the truth!

I have an uncomforable feeling that Spike would enjoy Blake's 7 more to laugh at the wooden acting, dreadful loctions and dodgy SFX, but I can see him liking it.

There again he'd adore "The Professionals".
5th Jul, 2004 14:43 (UTC)
Avon and Vila are the only reason to like Blake's 7, if it wasn't for them, particularly Avon, it would have been completely forgettable.

I think Dawn would been indoctrinated into The Professionals quite quickly. Mmm... Bodie and Doyle.
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