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ClamorousThe crying and pleading has swiftly turned to screaming and bleeding when the two men, one small and round, the other large and hulking, exhibited little interest in tearful appeals to their better natures.

They didn't have a better nature, but they did, however, have a great regard for changing things from being alive to being dead.

"Wasn't he was an obstreperous one, Mr Vandemar."

They were dragging their victim towards a sewerage ditch by his legs.

"Very noisy, Mr Croup." They pushed the body into the water and watched it float away downstream. "Doesn't have much to say now."



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4th Jul, 2004 14:15 (UTC)
*happy sigh* It makes my day when I see one of these delights on the friends' list. Croup and Vandemar perfection.
5th Jul, 2004 04:00 (UTC)
Thanks. Mr Croup has been rather vocal of late, I don't know if that's good or bad.
4th Jul, 2004 14:59 (UTC)
Now I have to research another fandom. ;P
5th Jul, 2004 04:02 (UTC)
The mini-series came before the book, but they compliment each other well. A&E released the DVD last year, it's open region too.
7th Jul, 2004 14:58 (UTC)
Has anyone (including you, haven't had time to search your site etc. yet) done Neverwhere/BtVS crossover fanfic? If not, why not?
9th Jul, 2004 08:38 (UTC)
I've never done a crossover, my NeverWhere muse and my Jossverse muse don't talk to each other. Possibly a good thing as the NeverWhere muse just seems to like killing things.

There's not a lot of NeverWhere fic around, I've never gone looking for crossovers, so have no idea if they exist.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )