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BotherThe shuttered front windows of the Thai restaurant concertinaed open to allow the diners to take advantage of the evening breezes during the heat of Summer.

It was on this window ledge that a woman was seated, eyes closed, face to the gentle caress of the wind.

Her bright purple hair and facial piercings were the norm for the lunch time crowd. But of a night the affluence of the diners increased and dinner prices changed accordingly, causing the students and tech workers to seek out more affordable alternatives.

The only reason nobody commented on either her appearance or lack of custom was because nobody noticed her. It was her nature to pass unperceived through the city as she and her sisters observed its occupants.

It was certain that the arrogant bastard at the table in the back would have been quite vocal in his displeasure at someone of her apparent social standing daring to grace his presence. He'd managed to verbally assault every member of staff in earshot and several customers had already elected to take the remains of their meals home rather than have him further ruin their dinner.

One brave soul had requested that the man tone down his language and had been screamed at, the man's gutteral, heavily accented voice putting paid to any further attempts to chastise his behaviour. As far as he was concerned, he earned more money than everyone in the restaurant combined, and he felt that entitled him to treat everyone around him as if they were his property. He seemed to have no idea that nobody else shared his sentiments. If the unusually high turnover of staff at his own business hadn't managed to clue him in to his lack of people skills, it was unlikely that an elderly matron's polite entreaty would cause a sudden bout of soul searching.

The young waitress, the chef's daughter, who had been working in the restaurant for years, had been reduced to tears in five minutes. Apparently her appearance wasn't up to the toxic customer's standards.

After the almost non-stop verbal barrage, it caught the attention of the woman in the window at the surprising quiet. It seemed that all the other customers had departed and the staff had retreated out to the relative safety of the kitchen, leaving Sunny Jim with no one in range to torture.

Smiling to herself, the woman uncoiled from her perch and walked to the man's table. With a quick flourish, the scalpel blades embedded in her fingertips had done their work. She was out the door before the man even reacted to the pain.

The staff ran from the kitchen in response to high-pitched shrieks of pain. Freezing in shock at the sight of the man's face. He held his hands out in supplication, blood coating the fingers he was staring at in terror.

The still teary-eyed waitress wondered if he would ever abuse another person over their appearance again, when his own had been so drastically altered by the slashes that had been carved in each of his cheeks. Maybe, maybe not.

Razor girls didn't often opt for such slight methods of social castigation, it was unlikely he would survive a second encounter with one of the creatures.

15minuteficletsword #61: aggravation
Part of the RazorGirl!verse


( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )
2nd Jul, 2004 14:01 (UTC)
Though I really do try to say "please" and "thank you" to each and every server who crosses my path after reading this fic I will take special care to make sure that they all feel truly appreciated.

Nice, though rather disturbing, fic. ;-)
3rd Jul, 2004 00:28 (UTC)
Fortunately, it's not often you run across toxic customers like this, they tend to lean more towards the stupid than the malicious.

I had the urge for disturbing, so apologies if I've put you off lunch — or a career in the service industry.
3rd Jul, 2004 04:03 (UTC)
Not to worry. My inclinations for the service industry were quashed many years ago when I tried it for myself. After my first day I announced to the supervisor that I wouldn't be back. She asked what I wanted her to do with my pay and I told her to . . . keep it. ;-))
22nd Jul, 2004 18:56 (UTC)
Hehe! Neither. I worked in a restaurant for exactly one day when I was a kid. At the end of my shift I told them I wouldn't be back, ever. Told them to keep the pay I didn't want anything more to do with them.

'Course, later in life I worked in fast food places between jobs a few times and didn't mind that at all. Go figure! :-))
2nd Jul, 2004 14:13 (UTC)
Interesting, but I had a problem with this line: Her bright purple hair and facial piercings not an unusual sight for the area during the day, but of a night the affluence of the diners increased and dinner prices changed accordingly.

This seemed like two different sentences crammed into one, and the sentences don't relate to each other particularly. First part is about her, the second part is about the restaurant.

Not terribly familiar with RazorGirl!verse, but the ending of this piece left me a bit unsatisfied. Okay, so she slashed the guy up. I dunno, something about it just felt... hard to describe, but like it just didn't work.

Also, "unusually high turnover at his business" - at first I thought he was the restaurant owner upon reading this, and had to double-back to make sure.

Wow, one of the longest posts I've made to your fics. Must be the C&C practice I'm getting here and there. ^_^;
3rd Jul, 2004 00:30 (UTC)
Comments appreciated.

I've tweaked it a little. Hopefully this will make it more cohesive.
8th Jul, 2004 06:58 (UTC)
*jaw drops* Wow, I loved this ficlet! It's very edgy; it pulled me in from the moment I started reading it. The ending—the quick swipe at that rude and obnoxious man—was perfect.
9th Jul, 2004 09:46 (UTC)
Pleased you enjoyed this. I find playing with the Razor Girls to be very cathartic.
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )