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Worn Passage

Steps, Sunken Gardens, San Antonio - Noah GreyThe worn stone steps bore the marks of wind and rain and earth. Slowly being worn by time, the elements and the passage of generations of feet.

They used to lead to a house. A grand mansion. A place that had, in its time, been the hub of a glittering social scene, where the pretty people of the time had played their silly games. Those days were long gone. As was the building. Fire had destroyed it decades ago and the long overgrown garden had claimed the remains.

Since those times, their role was no longer a majestic welcome. Now they lead to a jungle of wild roses and a ragged hedge maze.

Sometimes it was a path of challenge and fear. Children had dared each other to walk through the haunted remains at their summit, trembling hearts beating a tattoo of delicious terror through their running feet.

The heady days of celebration were a distant memory, yet the steps still held a hint of their original beauty. While stone was no match for nature over time, strength was still evident in the way they withstood the inexorable encroach of nature. It would be many years yet that the steps led the curious to a land of what once was.

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