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AperitifSpike sat on the bonnet of the car, a cigarette at his lips, as he looked across the seemingly endless expanse of grassland, bright beneath a gravid moon.

A ripple in the gently waving sea of vegetation caught his eye. The movement ran counter to the direction of the wind, like the wake from a shark's fin just below the surface of the water.

Drusilla rose giggling from the field, a small rabbit in each hand. "Mummy, found a prize. A snack before bed time."

"Let's go see if we can't find you something with a little more substance, love."



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27th Jun, 2004 15:57 (UTC)
Leave it to Dru... for her, that'd be like finding the prizes in a box of cereal. Very enjoyable. :-)
27th Jun, 2004 22:44 (UTC)
Little hats, little finger puppets, totem pole segments, those things you assembled that balanced on a string with a 2c coin as counterweight and, my favourite, the walking creatures. Can't see the bunnies being impressed at an immediate future as hand puppets.
27th Jun, 2004 16:57 (UTC)
Great. ::pouts:: Now I've got images of a "Mutual of Omaha"-type docu running through my head...

::in the deep voice of the narrator:: Watch as the hungry female Vampire stalks through the grassland in search of prey. The only mark of her presence the tell-tale ripple of reeds as she moves. The male, his brighter colouring a hindrance where camouflage is needed, lounges nearby. He waits patiently for his mate to make the kill.


What next? The mating rituals of the urban Vampire? ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::
27th Jun, 2004 22:45 (UTC)
The mating rituals of the urban Vampire?

That was Park!verse.
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