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Blackberry Ice Cream

Blackberry Ice Cream"Where did this come from?" Dawn gesticulated with a spoonful of purplish ice cream. She paused to slowly lick a dribble from her finger, not wanting the delicious confection to go to waste.

"I made it, love. You think you can get blackberry ice cream anywhere?" Spike snorted in disgust.

As far as Dawn was aware, Spike didn't have any specialised kitchen accessories.

"Just cream, sugar and egg yolks. You need time, not fancy equipment."

Eyes taking on a proprietary gleam, Dawn pounced on Spike. "You make ice cream, you're the perfect boyfriend."

"Nothing but the best for my girl."

open_on_sundaychallenge #65: ice cream
Part of the Hand!verse


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21st Jun, 2004 03:36 (UTC)
Always love your Spawn! This one was particularly yummy!
21st Jun, 2004 04:28 (UTC)
So's the ice cream, the home made stuff is far superior to anything you can buy.
21st Jun, 2004 11:02 (UTC)
You'll hate me for being so maudlin, but this was sweet as the ice cream itself. Loved it. :-)
21st Jun, 2004 14:35 (UTC)
Well, if you think the ice cream's sweet, once you've made it you're left with a bunch of egg whites and that can only mean meringues.
21st Jun, 2004 16:54 (UTC)
'Course, you can buy it in the right places... but Dawn doesn't have to know that. ;P And like he said, it's not that hard to make it yourself if you have patience.
22nd Jun, 2004 05:13 (UTC)
I've never seen Blackberry ice cream, made it, but never seen it. I can get Blackberry Weis Bars, but they're not really classed as ice cream. Pleased you enjoyed.
21st Jun, 2004 20:20 (UTC)
*squee* I need to find me a boy who'll make me blackberry ice cream from scratch.

Mind you, I think I just need to find me a boy. ;)
22nd Jun, 2004 05:16 (UTC)
If you make it yourself, that's one item off the list. It might even attract boys, if you make them beer flavoured ice cream, of course.
22nd Jun, 2004 16:32 (UTC)
heh. Well, last night I made home made Bailey's, and served it over store-bought chocolate ice cream. Many were appreciative and happy, though the important boy of focus declined, as he had to work later that night. Ah well. Was still fun.

mmmmmmmmhome made Bailey's....
( 9 howls — talk to the wolf )