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Lay of the Land

Lay of the LandBodie's InterPol division was a strange gig. As near as Pete could discover their raison d'être was tracking and finding things, which sounded unbelievably dull. And yet there was a mystique about the section that allowed it to, not only attract staff who were the best in their field, but to keep them when interdepartmental poaching was a game that kept most agents on their toes.

It was too good a chance not to pass up the opportunity to check out the lay of the land. So kitting himself out in his least rumpled men-in-black attire, Pete lobbed onto the proverbial and had spent the morning getting a guided tour of the facilities.

Aside from the eerie number of happy looking employees, which could well have been a show for the visitor, it was difficult to miss the laid back atmosphere. While there were suits wandering about, including one particularly scary Australian bloke sporting a pale blue safari suit, most of the staff dressed casually.

After checking out the different disciplines in action, Pete had to admit that it seemed a pretty interesting place to work. He needed to have a chat with Bodie to get more of an idea about exactly what they did around here, but he was giving serious thought to accepting the offer of employment.

While he was waiting for Bodie to finish briefing some of the troops, Pete took advantage of the lunch room, foraging through a dazzling array of weird junk food. It seemed that having access to international offices had its advantages in vast amounts of mirror world confectionery.

If he hadn't seen the three guys on the other side of the room grin like maniacs, he wouldn't have ducked in time and may well have ended up embedded in a table. The blur that nearly removed his head, spun and attacked again. Pete managed to recover his balance enough to throw his opponent and grabbed the nearest weapon. His wild looking, dreadlocked attacker dodged two of his hurled projectiles, grabbed the third and returned fire missing Pete by a mile. He laughed at the poor aim for all of half a second, that was when the squash ball bounced off the back of his head.

Pete rubbed the back of his head and stared at the woman in astonishment. The lunch room guys cheered and applauded.

Tossing a fork in one hand, Wolf yanked the other two out of the wall. "Nice improvisation," she offered with a smile, dumping the cutlery in the sink and retrieving her ball. "You'll feel right at home here. Bodie is free now."

As Pete headed off to his meeting, he got a big thumbs up from the peanut gallery and an enigmatic smile from the red headed madwoman. Seriously weird place, but at least it wouldn't be dull.

Part of the Wolf&Declán!verse