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RhapsodyDawn never would have thoughts that words could be so erotic. Rich, evocative language that painted her with flowers and heavenly hosts.

Years ago, she'd cornered Angel and managed to wheedle out the information that Spike had once been William, a poet of little talent. She'd never managed to find any of his earlier work to know if Angel was lying about Spike's ability.

As Spike continued to serenade her with sweet words, she wondered if perhaps he'd improved in the course of his many years or maybe he'd just never had the right muse to inspire him to greatness.

open_on_sundaychallenge #64: poetry
Part of the Hand!verse


( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )
14th Jun, 2004 03:11 (UTC)
Aw... nice. Love the last line/graf.
14th Jun, 2004 03:38 (UTC)
Thanks! I'd hope he's improved, he really was the worst poet, but he put his heart and soul into it.
14th Jun, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
*hums with happiness* Beautiful... just beautiful.
18th Jun, 2004 01:54 (UTC)
Many thanks! I figured Spike would have to improve with time or at least find an appreciative audience.
15th Jun, 2004 05:25 (UTC)
Love the imagery, love the muse idea, and love Dawn for badgering Spike's past out of Angel. Cheers!
18th Jun, 2004 01:56 (UTC)
Spike's never been forthcoming about the things in his past that don't paint him as the big bad, so Dawn needed to find an alternate source of information.
21st Jun, 2004 02:41 (UTC)
Spike has finally found his muse and it seems you have, too. Your ficlets just keep getting better and better.
21st Jun, 2004 04:03 (UTC)
Many thanks. The muse does like to play with this !verse.
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )