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TrailHoping to distract Dawn from her cherries, Spike had liberated them and decorated his body with strategically placed fruit.

Not to be denied her treat, Dawn pounced on Spike with hunger in her eyes. Starting in the hollow of his throat, she worked her way down Spike's body. Neatly trimmed fingernails gently circled each cherry before she slowly ate the fruit he'd left for her. She scrupulously removed the juice with a talented tongue that had Spike arching into her touch.

Moaning as Dawn extracted a cherry from his navel, Spike made a mental note to restock their cherry supply.

open_on_sundaychallenge #62: beginnings
Part of the Hand!verse


31st May, 2004 05:43 (UTC)

And I'm not so much sick as full of snot. But as there isn't a mood thingy for that, I figured the little green fox was close enough. And that's possibly more than you needed to know.