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PursuitWolf padded silently through the darkened streets, Declán mirroring her movements in another street that ran parallel to her. She paused, sniffing the wall where her quarry had leaned when he stopped for a breather, his sweat a ripe reminder of his passage.

It was no surprise that his trail led to the old church, it was the only sign of life in the suburb. She approached the building and changed, a woman of average height in a leather bodysuit stood where the wolf had been, waiting as her brother circled from the other side.

Declán strolled around the corner to join her. "One scent trail in. A single entrance. He hasn't left."

Eyeing the rusted, spear topped fence, she nudged her brother. "Could have saved us a lot of trouble if he'd tried to jump. Mate in Atlanta PD told me about some bloke on his patch come over one, ripped his head clean off."

"Lovely, but this is find and retrieve. You'll be in the bad books if it turns out any other way." Wolf shrugged her indifference and followed Declán into the pulsing mass of humanity inside the church.

On any other occasion, she may well have welcomed the good-natured groping of ravers out of their gourds on the latest party mix, but not tonight. She was into the zen of the hunt and the overwhelming press of noise, smell and light was freaking her out. Making a quick circuit of the premises and spotted her prey, dancing at the far end of the building near the mixing desk.

Signalling the man's location to Declán, she escaped into the brisk London night, finding the industrial stench a preferable aroma. She was content to wait until the man, either left of his own accord or her brother tired of rubbing against vacant eyed dancers and flushed him out.

It was several hours later when the man stumbled from the church, a giggling girl attached to his arm. He didn't notice the woman seated against the wall that uncoiled as he passed and he yelped as she grabbed him in a half nelson.

"Hello, Ricky. Say goodnight to your friend."

Ricky swallowed and farewelled his companion, who giggled again and tottered off in the direction she had a vague memory of last seeing her car, impossibly high heels clattering on the street.

As soon as the girl was out of earshot, Ricky struggled to free himself from Wolf's grip. She growled, the sound rumbling deep in her chest and hefted the startled man up against the fence.

Declán wasn't too surprised when he later emerged from the impromptu club to discover Ricky dangling neatly from the church fence by his collar, his sister glaring at the immobilised man if he so much as breathed the wrong way. Shaking his head in amusement, he retrieved a phone from his pocket and called for a vehicle to collect their prisoner.

15minuteficletsword #56: noisy
Part of the Chase!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: chase, declán, fiction, original, wolf
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