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FencedHeart pounding in his chest, the man ran through the darkened streets. Bored local teenagers had taken out the lights long ago and never been replaced. Why replace something that will only be broken again? Utility apathy at its best.

Slumped against a graffiti covered wall, he tried to suck the freezing London air into his burning lungs. He couldn't stay still for long, it seemed as if he'd been running for hours, his pursuers were relentless.

As his breathing slowed, he could hear something over his own pulse throbbing in his ears. A low steady beat, more felt than heard.

He didn't know what possessed him to head into an industrial area in the middle of the night, there was nothing open, no one around. He was alone. Well, aside from whoever was into the music and that meant people. Maybe he could steal a car, get mobile and put some serious distance between himself and his pursuers.

Running to the end of the street he saw the old church. Long abandoned as the residents were forced out by business, it had been forced to close its doors and was now rented out. Tonight it had been taken over for a rave, driving bass filled the air and strobing lights spun rainbow colours through the stained glass windows.

The open gateway beckoned to him, he staggered to the church door and disappeared in the crowd.

15minuteficletspicture #13
Part of the Chase!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: chase, declán, fiction, original, wolf
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