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SettlementDawn didn't react, as Angel slumped to the floor, she clipped her pen neatly back onto her notes and took a seat. Slouching down into the armchair until her head rested against its back, she stared at the ceiling. That was where Spike found her when he slammed the office door open in response to the gunshot.

"You okay, Bit?" He knelt in front of her chair, running his hands over her body checking for injuries. Satisfying himself that her appendages and organs were all present and accounted for, Spike gently cupped her face in his hands until she met his eyes. "Did he hurt you, love?"

Bursting into tears, Dawn threw herself into Spike's arms, it was the first time she'd cried since the attack. He held her tightly, murmuring nonsense against her hair to comfort her.

Wesley and Gunn performed an impromptu comedy routine as they tried to enter the office at the same time. "What's going on?" They saw Angel's body bleeding into the office carpet.

Wesley turned the body over and saw the massive exit wound left but the bullet, a sight that drew an impressed whistle from Gunn. Wesley made a quiet call, summoning medical personnel and standing down security.

"Dawn, would you care to tell me what happened?" Wesley's voice was soft, measured. "Did he turn again?"

Dawn shook her head. "This was payback." She wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand.

"You could have killed him?" Wesley wasn't accusing, just stating a fact.

Dawn laughed, a hard, brittle sound. "Missed his heart. I was aiming for a lung." She glared at the body, Angel's shoulder blade was a bloody mess, looking more like meat than man. "Didn't even hit the spine, he'll be up and around in no time."

"How did you get a gun through security?" Gunn was mentally checking off possible weak spots in the company's security arrangements, wondering if he'd missed anything.

Handing over her Mont Blanc, Dawn recited her technique in a monotone. "Custom altered, single shot weapon. Runes have been engraved on the barrel to hide it from the seers. Precog threat assessment didn't see a death threat on Angel, because I didn't plan to kill him. Just make them very, very uncomfortable."

Gunn looked impressed at the calculation and planning involved. Wesley looked a little frightened. Spike, who still held Dawn held against his side, looked pleased with her.

"Angel and I have had a chat and sorted out our differences. The slate has been cleaned." Dawn handed her paperwork to Wesley. "Translations need to give the report a once over before it's passed along for further action. I'll see you in the morning Wes, I'm taking the rest of the day off."

As Spike and Dawn walked out, a small antelope rounded the corner and trotted into Angel's office.

"Was that...?"

"The Buctrosz demon come Dik Dik? Yeah." There was a muffled thump and muted swearing, it sounded like a greased pig contest was taking part inside the office. "Let's get you home and into a hot bath, love."

"Want to grab Chinese on the way home?"

"Anything you want, Nibblet." He held up a credit card. "I lifted this from his nibs, can't see him missing it any time soon."

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