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CensureSpike had lost his bet over their living arrangements. One glance into the nightmare that was Dawn's apartment and he barred her from setting foot in there ever again. His old crypt rated as a more comfortable abode and that was after Captain Cardboard was firebombed it.

Her linguistics and research skills had seen Dawn eagerly contracted to Wolfram & Hart, where she was working her way through the trickier translations from the too hard basket to Wesley's eternal gratitude.

It all looked like Angel's attack on Dawn during his brief reversion to Angelus has been forgotten, or carefully not mentioned, by everyone, Dawn included.

She was her bright cheery self, smiling through the meetings in Angel's office, but Spike noticed something that everybody seemed to miss. When Dawn's smile turned to Angel, it never reached her eyes and was more a baring of teeth than anything. So Spike stuck by Dawn both to protect her and for the sheer joy of seeing the shit hit the fan, but even he had to admit he couldn't be at her side all the time.

As was common practice with all translations that predicted death and destruction, a personal explanation on the possible ramifications of the divergent meanings was required to determine a course of action.

In this case, one translation indicated that the entire state of California would drop into the sea when the planets were in the appropriate alignment. But due to the grammatical nuances of the dialect in question, it may instead indicate that good surfing condition were to be expected for the coming months. Although there was a favoured version going around Translations that predicted Arnold Schwarzenegger being eaten by a small terrier at the next full moon.

Having made the formal assignments and setting the status of the prophecy, Dawn turned to leave, but Angel called her back. "I'm truly sorry for what happened, Dawn. I need you to understand that."

Glaring at coldly Angel, Dawn found that he couldn't meet her eyes, it seemed that there was a fascinating section of carpet at his feet. "You need me to understand?" Dawn tapped her Mont Blanc pen, a gift from Angel when she'd started at Wolfram & Hart, against her side with increasing agitation. "Well, I need you to understand something. If Angelus ever gets the chance to come out and play again, he should reconsider it. He will not be getting a second warning." She raised the pen and thumbed its clip.

"Dawn?" Angel looked at the woman in confusion. Then he noticed the pain in his chest and looking down, saw a bloom of red bleed into his shirt. He hit the floor with a thump.

15minuteficletsword #54: incomplete
Part of the Darkness!verse


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11th May, 2004 10:10 (UTC)
Loved the bit about grammatical nuances meaning either California falling in the ocean, good surfing or Arnie getting eaten by a small terrier! Very Douglas Adams! ;0)

Good old Dawn! I thought Angel(us) had got off way too lightly.
11th May, 2004 10:49 (UTC)
Nice call, I was thinking of Douglas Adams with the small terrier.

As for Angelus, Dawn just needed to choose her time.
11th May, 2004 10:47 (UTC)
predicted Arnold Schwarzenegger being eaten by a small terrier at the next full moon - Too cruel of you to dangle this hope possibility in front of me... Loving this series!
11th May, 2004 10:54 (UTC)
William Gibson accidentally predicted Arnie as Governor, so there's hope for his demise by terrier. By the way, it's a Norwich Terrier, perhaps you could send him one.
11th May, 2004 11:04 (UTC)
I'll do my best! *thumbs urgently through Yellow Pages... hmmmm, no listings under Norwich Terriers...*
11th May, 2004 14:58 (UTC)


Translations that predicted Arnold Schwarzenegger being eaten by a small terrier at the next full moon.

Yay for the muse working out, again. I really do love this 'verse. Wicked cool on what Dawn does to Angel. I should be very afraid.
12th May, 2004 06:20 (UTC)
The terrier does seem to be popular. Keep an eye out for Arnie getting a Norwich Terrier around full moon.

The muse is still being a pain, so updates are a little slower than in the past.
11th May, 2004 16:03 (UTC)
Hoo boy! That's some tough chica. Along the same lines as the one that threatened Spike all those ages ago. Love it, love it, love it!
12th May, 2004 06:21 (UTC)
She's bides her time before making her point. Pleased you enjoyed it.
11th May, 2004 19:13 (UTC)
Go Dawn! :-)
12th May, 2004 06:22 (UTC)
Got to love Dawn revenge.
11th May, 2004 20:07 (UTC)
Great writing -- now I must go read the entire verse! :D
12th May, 2004 06:23 (UTC)
Many thanks, hope you enjoy the previous bits. They're all filed under Darkness!verse.
(Deleted comment)
16th May, 2004 05:33 (UTC)
Considering the size difference, it's either going to take more than one terrier or a very determined dog over several days. Go the Norwich Terrier!
15th May, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
*whistles* Dawn has come out swinging, hasn't she? Like Spike, I look forward to seeing the shit hit the fan.
16th May, 2004 05:35 (UTC)
Revenge is a dish best served with a healthy helping of unexpected violence.
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