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Recovery Spike woke to the sensation of fingers combing through his hair in a soothing, repetitive motion. He made appreciative noises that made his head fondler giggle, then cough. Spike sat upright, suddenly wide awake.

"You're awake!" He poured her a glass of water. "Statement of the bleeding obvious, but you're awake."

It had been four days since Spike had carried Dawn's broken and bleeding body from the apartment Angelus had holed up in and he'd been practically glued to her side ever since. Much to the distress of the doctors who operated on Dawn. While they had managed to convince Spike that he couldn't enter a sterile area, they'd had to perform the operation with a frantic vampire smooshed against the glass of the observation window like a novelty car window ornament.

"You were purring."

"Was not."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "All right. You were making a noise suspiciously like a toy lawnmower."

"Better." Spike held Dawn's hand, bringing it to his lips. "Why didn't you tell me you were in LA?"

Dawn shrugged, wincing as the movement pulled at the bandaged wound on her neck. "Why did I have to hear that you were alive from Andrew?"

It wasn't an accusation or a childish attempt at revenge, Spike knew that, but he still felt bad about it. But he also understood what Dawn was trying to say. Sometimes you held things off so long, afraid of what would or wouldn't be said, that it got to the point where it was almost easier to avoid the situation and live in the land of denial.

"I'm sorry."

Dawn held her hand to his cheek. "I know. Me too." She indicated the chart at the end of her bed. "Let me see the damage."

Spike handed her the paperwork without argument, he'd learned that much.

Skimming over the medical terms, Dawn took her own inventory of injuries, matching the bandages and sore spots to the chart with little difficulty. "So, how did Angelus get loose?"

"From what I've heard, a junior in enchantments mispronounced a spell he was practising."

"I hope he turned himself into something slimy while he was on a roll." Dawn's words were light, her attention seemingly taken up by her medical records, but her tone held an undercurrent of steel.

"He was already slimy, love, he was a Buctrosz demon. Security footage shows that he transformed himself into a Dik Dik, a small African antelope, and managed to get into the ducting. No one has seen him since, but small piles of pellets have been appearing on the third and seventh floor near the water coolers."

"You're not kidding me?" Dawn raised a quizzical eyebrow and Spike shook his head. "Weirdness." She swung her legs out of bed and made to get up.

"I don't think so, Bit." He saw the determination on her face, but he also saw the pain she was fighting to hide. "Nurses would have my guts for garters if I helped you scarper. At least let them clear you first. Okay?"

Dawn nodded. It wasn't until she tried to get up that she realised how badly Angelus had hurt her. She was grateful that Spike gave her an option out. "I want out of here as soon as possible."

"On the condition I get to look after you."

Dawn agreed again, surprising Spike that she didn't fight. "Your place or mine?"

Spike grinned wickedly. "Whoever has the best digs. I'm betting that's your place."

"I'll hold you to that bet."

Part of the Darkness!verse
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