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SalvageSpike and Wesley entered the building and took the stairs to the basement.

Finding Angelus had been easier than Spike had expected. Once they knew what to look for, Wesley's department came through with the goods in no time. It was such a fast turn around that Wesley made a mental note to check if the Senior Partners had fitted Angel with a tracking device.

At the bottom of the stairs, Spike turned to the left and checked the first door. He shook his head, heading for the next apartment, but smelled blood before he reached it.

Wesley prepared his weapons at Spike's alert, not fully appreciating the look of recognition and horror that crossed the other man's face.

At Wesley's nod, Spike kicked the door open and saw Angelus on the bed, a comatose woman beneath him. Angelus had barely enough time to look up before Spike tackled him to the ground, where they crashed into the wall in a tangle of limbs.

Angelus recovered first and lunged for the knife at the foot of the bed. Spike shadowed the dive, but wasn't quick enough to avoid a slash across his chest. He rolled to the side, making a wild swing that connected with flesh. The cosh in Spike's fist lent enough to the blow to smash Angelus' head into the bed frame.

"Spike, clear." Spike jumped out of the way as Wesley shot Angelus in the chest. The vampire slumped to the floor, the tips of two darts protruding from his shirt like colourful party favours.

Spike gave the downed vampire a vicious kick to the ribs, only partly to see if Angelus was faking, he didn't move.

Wesley radioed for a retrieval team, leaving Spike to check the woman on the bed. Her clothes had been ripped open, Angelus always was one for the dramatic, and she had sustained several serious cuts that were still oozing blood, making it difficult to ascertain the extent of her injuries.

Quickly untying her hands, Spike scooped her into his arms, remnants of her clothing trailing behind. The movement was enough to rouse the woman and she struggled until Spike gently set her on her feet and wrapped his coat around her shoulders.

She walked unsteadily towards Angelus, staring at him with a blank expression before spitting, her blood-streaked saliva staining his cheek. Then she collapsed.

Spike caught her easily and cradled her against his chest, whispering endearments into her hair.

Wesley wondered at Spike's attachment to the victim, at the silent tears coursing down his cheeks, when he was hit by a shock of recognition. "Is that Dawn?"

Spike nodded. Wesley radioed the ambulance, notifying them that Spike would be travelling with them to the hospital.

Part of the Darkness!verse


( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )
8th May, 2004 04:51 (UTC)
Spike recognizes the scent of Dawn's blood? Weird, but kind of cool. And yay for Dawn for holding together enough to stand and spit on Angelus!
8th May, 2004 05:10 (UTC)
Vampires have a good sense of smell and have a thing for blood, so I didn't think it a stretch. I think Angelus got off lightly.
8th May, 2004 04:59 (UTC)
Hmm... tracking device... ::taps chin thoughtfully::

What? Everyone else is focusing on Dawn, who says I can't play with their toys? *eg*
8th May, 2004 05:13 (UTC)
Would you really want to find out where the psychotic vampire is?

While the Senior Partners were there, they may well have added a controller. If only you could find the remote control unit, you could kidnap Angelus and send him off somewhere to perform the chicken dance in public.
8th May, 2004 05:17 (UTC)
The chicken dance?!? Ha! LOL!! Egads, Wolf, you are cruel! :D

I love it! ::snerk::
8th May, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
Bad Angelus! Bad, bad, bad Angelus chewing on our little Dawnie. I hope Spike gets him good.

Please, sir. Can we have some more? ;-)
8th May, 2004 05:33 (UTC)
I plan to continue, but am struggling with a recalcitrant muse. It keeps dropping bunnies and buggering off for parts unknown, leaving me to figure out what to do with them.

I swear its disappeared to obsess over Spike in leather pants instead of helping me write.
9th May, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
Our muses may be related. Mine is M.I.A. much of the time as well.

You do realize that the image of Spike in leather pants will probably keep me up all night. ;-)

8th May, 2004 09:23 (UTC)
This one and the alley!verse are now my ultimate favs. Really. This is making my muse itch to turn out another chap of my vampire!Dawn thing; which wouldn't be bad if I didn't have twenty-million other things to finish. ::sigh:: I'm loving this, and I hope your muse is giving you less trouble than mine is giving me.
8th May, 2004 11:02 (UTC)
The muse is not being helpful. I think it misses the challenges.
8th May, 2004 19:02 (UTC)
I have to agree with Euro. I'm loving this 'verse and the Alleyverse the best. Those two rock, seriously. Go Dawn! She is definitely spunky, and that is something most people overlook. Can't wait to read more, and I'm sorry your muse is being rather ricalcitrant.
9th May, 2004 09:49 (UTC)
I can't wait to write more. Bad muse and its leather pants obsession.
9th May, 2004 09:52 (UTC)
Not that I blame your muse one bit, especially if the ones in the leather pants are Angelus and/or Spike *grins*
10th May, 2004 01:33 (UTC)
Seriously, I'm sitting so close to the edge of my seat, I'm about to fall off.
10th May, 2004 01:46 (UTC)
The next chunk is partially written and, muse willing, should be live later today.
( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )