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ForeshadowSpike was driving everyone at Wolfram & Hart insane. He was full of nervous energy, twitchy. There was something floating just beyond his perception and he was damned determined to pursue it until he could find what it was and beat it into a bloody pulp.

Wesley had been badgered into helping. He set his staff on apocalypse watch and personally double-checked any potential prophecies and reports from the company's team of psychics.

Gunn was keeping an ear to ground for anything strange in upcoming cases, but as all their clients came from the big box marked evil, he felt Spike was pushing his luck.

Lorne hadn't heard anything from his circle of contacts, but he was completely swamped handling a new contract for Cher. Even Harmony had been volunteered to assist with project. Spike had disappeared before he found himself hand-sewing sequins onto a stage costume.

It wasn't until he hit the lab that Spike's radar really started to kick in.

Fred had found one of her technicians stuffed in a storage room. The man had been well tenderised by someone both handy with their fists and either extremely lucky or possessed of the skills necessary to shutdown the lab surveillance cameras.

Spike spent several hours getting up the nose of medical staff as he waited to question the man.

"Stop torturing the doctors, Spike." Fred placed a warning hand on his arm, reminding him that it would be a bad thing to hurt the nice men in the white coats. "They're doing the best they can."

A small herd of medical staff rushed past Spike and Fred into the technician's room. Minutes later a nurse opened the door to inform them that the man had regained consciousness and could be questioned him. She stressed that they were not to upset the man and glared at Spike to make her point.

Spike shrugged but agreed to let Fred handle the inquisition. In the end it was all he could do not to throttle the man into speaking English instead of scientific babble. He bit his tongue until they left the medical suite.

"What was he talking about?"

"Angel asked him for a drug, then attacked him for no reason."

"The drug, Fred." Spike's hands were fisted in his coat pockets, he wanted to hit someone and it looked like he finally had a target.

"Oh, sorry." She pushed her glasses up her nose. "It's a variant of Rohypnol that was made for a client years ago."

"Fan favourite with wankers in clubs looking for a sure thing."

"Yes, but stronger." Fred stopped, Spike realised she wasn't at his side and turned, looking questioningly at her puzzled expression. "Why would Angel want a date rape drug?"

"Not Angel, love. Angelus."

Part of the Darkness!verse
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