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CaliginosityDawn had been heading home to her apartment when she heard the footsteps. A carefully measured beat that was a fraction out of sync with her own stride, giving that slight echoing effect that at first made her think it was her own footfalls bouncing off the building walls.

Turning a corner, Dawn removed her heels and sprinted for the doorway, a stake at the ready. She held her breath as her stalker neared her hiding place, fearing that her hammering heart would betray her position and as he drew near she attacked.

With a yell she swept the man's feet out from under him and kicked him in the balls before taking off towards home.


The sound of her name brought her up short. Dawn turned back to the groaning man. "Angel?"

"Sorry..." He winced in pain. " scare you. I didn't know you were in LA."

Dawn stood over Angel, arms folded across her chest. "You didn't have to scare the daylights out of me."

Slowly getting to his feet, Angel held out a hand. "Truce?" Dawn accepted with a nod. "How about I make it up to you with a drink? We can catch up."

Dawn's mouth felt like something had crawled inside and died. She moved her tongue experimentally and decided it was definitely the culprit. Sometime during the night it had been transformed into a small furry animal and promptly died. Still coming to grips with gerbil tongue, she reached for a glass of water and discovered that she couldn't. Her arms didn't seem to be working.

Finally opening her eyes, Dawn noticed that her apartment ceiling had gained an ornate plaster rosette. "Hey." She tried to get up, but her bound hands and feet didn't allow her to get very far.

"Huh." Angel produced a small bottle, examined the label and replaced it in his pocket. "The boys in the lab said it would last longer than that, must be a Summer's thing."

"What's going on?" Dawn wasn't stupid, it wasn't the first time in her life that she'd seen Angelus in ascendance.

Angelus laughed. "Not one for the usual victim banter. I'd forgotten you were the smart one." He drew a knife from his jacket and Dawn's eyes widened. "Don't think you're getting off that easy. If I wanted you dead, you'd be cooling rapidly in that alley I found you in."

Cutting the ropes that bound Dawn's feet, Angelus roughly pulled her legs apart. "Let's see if you scream like your sister."

Angelus crawled up the bed, forcing her legs further apart and started to slice her clothes away.

Dawn closed her eyes and wished she had staked him in the alley. She swore to herself that she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of screaming, that was when the blade bit deep into the flesh below her rib.

dacie429's birthday challenge — dawn/angelus, dark
Part of the Darkness!verse
Tags: angel, darkness, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction
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