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DiscordWitty and urbane, Lorne was the perfect host. His vocal talents were commensurate with his ability to keep Caritas' diverse clientele — human, demon and otherwise — from slaughtering each other.

Tonight he had a regular in for a reading and his people managing skills were being put to the test. A quiet word here, a free drink there. Sometimes he wondered if one man's continued patronage was worth the drop in profits.

Coughing nervously, the man stepped up to the microphone. Angel's renowned fight against evil did little to lend verisimilitude to a singing voice that sounded like cats being strangled.

wordoftheday100verisimilitude, commensurate, urbane


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4th May, 2004 12:56 (UTC)
*coffee-choke* Oh, God! I needed that. Thank you! *snickering into travel mug*
4th May, 2004 13:02 (UTC)
I am so mean to Angel in fic (all two of them) but it's more good natured than my relegating Buffy to the role of bitch queen. All in good fun, disregard the axe handle.

Your icon is adorable. Pointy cats are pretty.
4th May, 2004 16:09 (UTC)
I just hope he wasn't singing "Oh Mandy". Oi, how I've suffered over the years with that song!
4th May, 2004 22:24 (UTC)
Wind Beneath My Wings? It will be something hideous that you last heard mangled into muzak in an elevator.
4th May, 2004 22:46 (UTC)
Wind Beneath My Wings?

Buffy wanted that for her first dance after she'd married Spike in Something Blue. Yes, there's a certain irony to that! lol
4th May, 2004 19:01 (UTC)
*snerk* He can save the world, but he can't carry a tune. Poor guy.
4th May, 2004 22:28 (UTC)
Neither can I. Scary singing voice.

I'm thinking it was a good thing Angel didn't make an appearance in Once More With Feeling, the nightmarishly bad singing of Buffy and Willow was bad enough.
4th May, 2004 22:44 (UTC)
There are only 2 episodes of Buffy I actively want to see, and that's one of them. (Hush is the other, though I was disappointed to learn that it wasn't done for the sake of being artfully silent, they were actually all magically silenced or something like that.) Of course, every time I tune in, it's one of the same 5 episodes, and those aren't them.
4th May, 2004 23:08 (UTC)
Both are amongst my favourites. Hush has the creepiest villians of the series in the Gentlemen. Perhaps that's just mime-fear speaking.
5th May, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
Ah! One of my favorite Angel moments brought to life. Good one!
6th May, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
Thank you!
6th May, 2004 23:00 (UTC)
Hey, I'm glad to see something from Lorne's point of view, even if that view is Angel singing horribly.
7th May, 2004 03:28 (UTC)
I like Lorne and he called to me when I tried a three word challenge in one hit.
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