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ValedictionA can hit the wall and bounced off, clattering under a car.

"Feel better?" Wolf walked at Spike's side, hands deep in the pockets of her coat, bare feet silent on the pavement.

Spike shrugged and sent another can arcing into the middle of the road, a passing taxi flattened it with a crunch. "Got used to you taking Dru out hunting. Gave me some time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love Dru, but she can drive me barmy when she's bored." He cast a sidelong glance at Wolf, a smile touching his eyes for the first time. "Got to admit, having someone warm in my bed wasn't a hardship."

"Wanker." Wolf snorted fondly and nodded towards the pub they were approaching. "Fancy a beer?"

Never one to turn down a drink, Spike followed her into the dimly lit bar. It wasn't a class establishment, but neither was it a dive. There were enough people inside to generate a low buzz of conversation, but it was early in the night and the volume had a long way to go before it reached the level of shouting to get yourself heard.

Wolf left an order at the bar and found a seat away from the other customers. Once their drinks had arrived, she pulled a package from her backpack. "Got something for you."

Spike opened his gift. He looked up at Wolf with a grin as he fondled the soft black leather of the trousers.

"I was thinking corpsebreeches would be fitting, but figured leather pants would be more practical."

"Nice work. Where'd you get them."

"Mr Vincent's hobby is tanning, he makes a living as a leather tailor."

Hefting her pack over her shoulder, Wolf stood to leave and found herself wrapped in Spike's arms.

"Take care of yourself, love."

"You know how to find me." Spike nodded. "Give Dru a kiss for me." With a final bittersweet kiss, Wolf walk away.

Spike sighed and drained his beer, he had the sudden urge to hit something that would fight back.

15minuteficletsword #53: evasive
Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: fan fiction, fiction, park, spike, wolf

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