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Malamute Subterfuge

Malamute SubterfugeMalamutes are intelligent dogs, they just have no interest in doing what you want them to do.

I have a suspicion that Malamute may be Amish, the first thing she does with her toys is to snap the eyes off and rip the faces out. To avoid this, I was preparing the pods xmas presents earlier in the week by removing the faces from two small toy bunnies. Malamute was sitting patiently at my feet watching bunny surgery and occasionally having a gentle tug at an ear in the hope I wouldn't notice and she could scarper off with it. Husky was content to watch the proceedings from the comfort of the lounge.

They got their presents on xmas morning and a hot pink bunny got tossed about the backyard for five minutes before Malamute realised she also had a food component to her gift.

Half an hour later, after trying to hide the remaining half of a well gnawed rawhide bone under me, behind the television and under Husky's beanbag, Malamute finally scoffed it and settled in for a good game of remove Husky's rawhide bone.

This morning she hit on a winning plan. She went hurtling into the backyard and stood at the side gate barking her head off. Husky went to investigate the barks that sounded very much like there's a strange dog in the front yard. The moment Husky had joined her, Malamute bounded back inside and stole his bone.

Mission accomplished.

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29th Dec, 2003 14:07 (UTC)
Smart K9 you go there. I had a malamute/wolf mix, his name was Rolo, smart dog. Evil too, made you feel sorry for scolding him with those big ol' eyes. Thanx for the icons btw!
3rd Jan, 2004 19:22 (UTC)
Malamutes are masters at bending you to their will. It's 3:00am, you will take me for a walk.

I'm jealous of your Wolf mix, Rolo sounds a sweetie. We're not allowed to have wolves of any kind in Australia. But we do have dingoes.

Glad you liked your icons. Give me a yell if you want more.

( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )