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DivulgenceWolf was lying supine across the bed, red hair fanned across Spike's chest. Seated comfortably on the pillows, Drusilla's long fingers tickled across Wolf's chest where she'd thrown her bones.

"A little toe is telling tales, it's whispering that Puppy will be leaving her Mummy."

Wolf sighed, not wanting to move. "Got a new assignment kicking off soon, have to get back to London."

Spike sat up, moving Wolf and annoying Drusilla as her casting was disturbed. "What is it you do anyway?"

"Naughty, Puppy, not telling Daddy that you play with the men in blue."

"You're a cop!"

Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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29th Apr, 2004 05:57 (UTC)
And the plot thickens. Loving it.
29th Apr, 2004 08:05 (UTC)
moonbeamsfanfic is possibly the only one on LJ who saw this coming. I didn't realise, until people started asking about the dinner selection criteria, that Wolf's background is really only tangentially mentioned in the fiction that lives on LJ.
29th Apr, 2004 20:50 (UTC)
Sorry to interrupt, but since my name did get mentioned... :P

Actually, I think you did do a drabble that mentions Wolf's occupation on LJ at least once. Hang on, lemme check... Yes, yes! Lay of the Land. So it shouldn't be that much of a surprise to those who haven't read your series, if they've been paying attention since the beginning. In the meantime, I'm being an egotist and enjoying my superior knowledge while it lasts. ::snerk::
29th Apr, 2004 08:30 (UTC)
29th Apr, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
I'm guessing this came as a bit of a surprise then. Dru knew, she just didn't bother telling Spike.
29th Apr, 2004 15:01 (UTC)
I'm guessing this came as a bit of a surprise then.

I'll say! I'm trying to be taciturn. Not very good, as I can't even spell it! :/

Dru knew, she just didn't bother telling Spike.

That's my Dru! :0)
29th Apr, 2004 11:05 (UTC)
As you were saying yesterday, original characters can be a hard sell, but Wolf is so very vivid to me. The detail of her hair fanned out over Spike's chest brings her to sharp life. And as for her occupation; well, didn't see that coming, I didn't! Looking forward to what you come out with next.
29th Apr, 2004 11:52 (UTC)
I really didn't think Wolf's occupation would be that much of a surprise. I thought somebody would have made a connection, but perhaps I just write way too many morally ambiguous characters. What can I say, I like the grey.
30th Apr, 2004 14:16 (UTC)
Well...that was a shock. I honestly didn't see it coming, and I thought that I had read the whole series. You just continue to surprise me, my dear.
1st May, 2004 06:03 (UTC)
It didn't come up in the Park!verse, but there is mention of Wolf's work, circa 1995, in Lay of the Land.
( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )