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BestowalDrusilla was deep in lucubration when Spike and Wolf returned, cards laid out before her in the candlelight. Wolf gave the woman her present and watched as Drusilla's eyes widened in delight as she spilled the bones across the table.

"I'd like to engrave runes on them for you, but I'll need you to tell me which symbols go on what bones, love."

"His fingers and toes have such a lovely tale to tell. They say that my Puppy has been good and will get her rewards."

Spike rubbed his hands together. "Right, get your kit off then."

"Sweet talker."

Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )
28th Apr, 2004 06:55 (UTC)
Spike rubbed his hands together. "Right, get your kit off then."

::laughs and shakes head:: Subtlety just isn't in his repertoire, is it? Love it.
28th Apr, 2004 07:39 (UTC)
Blunt and too the point. None of this pussy-footing around for our Spike.
28th Apr, 2004 09:04 (UTC)
"Right, get your kit off then."

Works for me. ;0)
28th Apr, 2004 09:22 (UTC)
How could you resist such a charmer?
28th Apr, 2004 10:31 (UTC)
How could you resist such a charmer?


"Spike, no! First, you've got take me out for a meal, buy me flowers and chocolates and then ask nicely!" Never happen.

"Right luv, you've pulled!" would work for me with Spike. :0)
28th Apr, 2004 11:09 (UTC)
*grins* Can't help it; I do just love Wolf's style. Enjoyed this as ever.
28th Apr, 2004 11:55 (UTC)
I'm really glad you like Wolf, original characters can be a tough sell with a fandom audience.
28th Apr, 2004 14:18 (UTC)
They're such an interesting family? Horde?

Spike rubbed his hands together. "Right, get your kit off then."

Oh, he is subtle, isn't he?

28th Apr, 2004 22:09 (UTC)
Pack? Just it depend on your perspective.

I'm sure tact is Spike's middle name.
28th Apr, 2004 21:19 (UTC)
Er, maybe it's because I'm not real familiar with this fandom, but I can't tell whom Spike is talking to with his last line. Otherwise, nice to find out what the bones are for! ^_^
28th Apr, 2004 22:18 (UTC)
I thought the confusion might be there if you're unfamiliar with the fandom. In the second last line Spike is talking to Wolf, but is just as likely to be talking to both women. The last line is Wolf.

Brief primer.

Drusilla has visions of the future, but she's also as mad as a meat axe and often lost in a child's world. A vicious child who pulls the legs off kittens to see what happens. She has surreal, arachaic speech patterns.

Spike is a Victorian gentleman reborn as London working man, not quite Cockney, more Johnny Rotten (he'd say Sid Vicious, but Sid was a talentless little prick, we agree to disagree on this point).

Wolf is Ireland born, currently lives in London. Her manner of speech is not as blunt as Spike's, well most of the time.
29th Apr, 2004 01:27 (UTC)
Ah, that helps quite a bit. With well-established fandoms, it's hard to find useful info on the web because it's so in-depth, and this is *much* more useful to someone like me. ^_^ Thanks!
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )