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TransactionSpike sauntered along the street, Wolf at his side. It was the first time he'd seen her walk on two legs all week. It had been longer than that since she'd worn clothes.

"Still can't believe Dru let you out of her sight. You're her favourite pet at the moment." He'd expected a tantrum with disastrous consequences for all, but Drusilla had been like a child eagerly awaiting her birthday.

Wolf grinned, an expression that was lopsided and decidedly wolfish. "I have a little business to take care of and, besides, I promised to tell her all about the phalanges when I get back."

"Why do you put up with her treating you like a pet, love. You're not beholden to her."

"Dru's a sweetie. She just likes games and I don't mind playing along to keep her happy. As long as she doesn't kill any innocent bystanders when we hunt, I'm happy to play along and be her furry bed warmer."

Spike shook his head, wondering if he'd missed something. "Hang on, why is Dru hunting the criminal element?"

Wolf pushed open the shop door and turned to face Spike. "Ask her when you get the chance."

A small man shuffled to the counter as the bell above the door rang. "Ah, Miss Wolf, I've seen your work all week and was wondering when you'd pay me a visit."

"How could I not stop by the best tanner in the city?" She took his offered hands in hers and held them, sharing a fond smile with the man. "Is my first delivery ready, Mr Vincent?"

"Yes, yes." He shuffled into the back room and returned with finely tanned leather hide and a small package.

Wolf fingered the leather, admiring its suppleness. Mr Vincent did magnificent work. She picked up the soft leather pouch and, untying the thong closure, poured several small bones into her palm. "Lovely. Thanks muchly, Mr Vincent. I trust the intact nature of my later deliveries have been adequate payment for your services."

Mr Vincent nodded graciously. "Will you be collecting the other hides?"

Shaking her head, Wolf handed the tanner a business card of an office in the city. "Send them here, along with a note that they're to be forwarded to my home address, if you don't mind."

"Of course. A pleasure, as always, Miss Wolf."

Spike opened the door for Wolf as they left. He waited patiently for an explanation about what was going on with the polite little tanner. He knew a human skin when he saw one, but Wolf kept her peace, happily tossing the leather pouch from one hand to the other.

"This was all about a bag of bones?"

"They're a present for Drusilla."

"Well, that clears everything up now, doesn't it," he snorted in disgust. "Bloody confusing women."

15minuteficletsword #52: disaster
Part of the Park!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: fan fiction, fiction, park, spike, wolf
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