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MorselThe pale walls of the tunnel were covered in brightly coloured pictures. An empty box of crayons, discarded paint tubes and nubs of chalk littered the floor. The illustrations stopped at chest height, identifying the age of the artists more accurately than their artwork.

Mr Vandemar sniffed the air, one of the artists had come off second best in a fight, definitely dead and decidedly new to the condition. He picked the child up, tucking her under his arm. The movement dislodged the paintbrush buried in her eye, it hit the ground with a plink.

He would eat well tonight.

tv100box of crayons


24th Apr, 2004 15:20 (UTC)
*gulp, eyes chicken sandwich* He might eat well... me, on the other hand... this apple suddenly looks rather appealing. But cheers and bottoms up to Vandemar - may he enjoy his feast!
24th Apr, 2004 23:33 (UTC)
Vandemar is always hungry and will eat anything. It makes him fun to write.