June 2nd, 2008



Dawn and Rachel could both drive automatics, but had never learned stick and sooner or later public transport wouldn't cut it. Spike decided it was time to further their education.

The girls were happy they had an empty car park to practice in, but less impressed with a vehicle that appeared to have survived a war zone and was in possession of a somewhat idiosyncratic clutch.

Dawn winced at the grinding sound. Spike had sworn if they mastered the Land Rover they could drive anything, but she'd prefer to know which noises were normal and which were poor gear changes.


open_on_sundaychallenge #271: auto
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


Rose and Jack had been relegated to the jump seat while the Doctor poked and prodded the TARDIS console.

"Spoilers. Great, big, boy racer spoilers."

"No. I think he needs go faster stripes."

"Oi. Quiet from the peanut gallery." The Doctor waved a spanner in their direction. " And there'll be no maligning my ship either."

"We weren't passing judgement on the TARDIS."

Jack grinned. "We were commenting on her pilot. The guy who's managed to land on the wrong planet, in the wrong century, at the bottom of the ocean."

"Know what he really needs?" Rose nudged Jack. "Training wheels."


dw100challenge #201: train