January 10th, 2008



Andrew read through the latest field report. The writing style was faultless, and the punctuation was a welcome relief from what he usually had to wade through. However, it was not without its eccentricities.

There was a succinct, yet informative description of the hunt and following fight. The characterisations of the demon were also good.

The additional notations, some of which proved to be previously unknown, would be an asset. It was the side-notes that were disturbing. Andrew wasn't sure he wanted to know how they'd discovered the demon's penchant for origami. Some things he didn't need to know.


open_on_sundaychallenge #250: revelation/reveal
Part of the London!verse


Gwen placed a photograph on the board, added a notation and drew a line connecting it to a report. She enjoyed the process of piecing together the data related to a case, even if it was an under-appreciated task.

Ianto's skills were archival and he was the only one of the team who admired her methodology. Owen didn't give a toss, Toshiko's interests lay in technology and Jack was a law unto himself.

"The attacks all occurred at the same time of day."

Gwen nodded in agreement and added Ianto's note. She loved seeing order appear from the chaos.


tw100challenge #57: anticipation