December 29th, 2007



"Right, kit off and a lap around the console." Rose sat back and smiled at the Doctor.

"What? I lost the last game and didn't have to do that?" The Doctor looked baffled.

"I lost too." Jack started taking his shirt off. "Do I get to play as well?"

Rose stopped Jack before he stripped any further. "Nope. You scored points this round." She pointed to the Doctor. "He didn't, so he forfeits."

The Doctor undid his laces. "You're just making this up."

"And you're complaining?" Jack grinned. "You don't want to break with Tyler family traditions now, do you?"


dw100challenge #178: tradition


Owen's obsession that he was incredibly attractive to vampires and werewolves, would soon be turned and live forever was driving everyone insane.

Jack called the team into the boardroom before one of them snapped.

"I have a couple of people on conference call to settle this." Jack thumbed the mute switch. "Spike? Would you turn Owen?"

"Not a chance. Can I have him as a snack?"

"Thanks. Wolf?"

"No way. And I'll second Spike on the violent death."

Jack ended the call. "I hope that settles the matter and I don't have to call Spike and Wolf on their offers."


tw100challenge #55: lazy mod week
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse