December 2nd, 2007


Faux Pas

"I'm not mad at you." The Doctor's voice was muffled by the console. "I just wish you'd told me about it."

"I thought it was just a toy." Staring at the floor, Rose wrapped her arms around herself. She barely heard the Doctor sigh.

"It is a toy. It's just not something I want wandering about poking at bits of the TARDIS."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"It bonded to you. Try luring it out."

Rose got down on her hands and knees, noting that the Doctor was still half-buried in a maze of wiring, and started whistling.


dw100challenge #174: first doctor titles: the celestial toymaker
dw100challenge #175: coax


Gwen wrinkled her nose in disgust as Toshiko prepared her lunch.

"What's that look for?

"You just crumbled dried seaweed into your miso soup."

Toshiko nodded to Gwen's lunch. "And you're eating laverbread."

"Point taken." Gwen giggled.

They both looked up as Ianto led a swearing Owen through the Hub.

"Did I just imagine seeing Owen with his head stuck in a medieval helmet?"

"Not unless I did too." Toshiko shook her head in bafflement. "Wasn't he interviewing that professor from the museum..."


"He's supposed to be banned from the museum. He has a reputation for fiddling with things."


tw100challenge #51: welsh cuisine: laverbread
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