October 26th, 2007



"Run that by me again." Jack put the call on speakerphone and motioned the others over.

Gwen sighed and explained how Owen had been taken down by their target. "He got up and I thought he was fine, but then it started."

"What started, Gwen?"

"The frolicking." Toshiko raised an eyebrow and Jack put a finger to his lips. "He's skipping over the hillside picking wild flowers. It's terrifying."

Jack stifled a laugh. "Sounds like he was hit by an emotional manipulator. Ianto's on his way."

"Make sure he brings the taser. We may need it to bring Owen in."


tw100challenge #46: under the influence


"Isn't this brilliant?" The Doctor flung his arms wide, grinning as a rainbow sunrise rippled across the landscape. "Do you know this is the only planet where the atmospheric conditions create this effect? Why am I talking to myself?" He turned around to see Rose and Jack staggering out of the TARDIS, arms around each other and struggling to stay upright.

"You could've warned us that a heavy breakfast and this planet's exciting atmospheric conditions on landing were mutually exclusive." Jack was looking a little green and Rose dropped to her knees to solve her breakfast problem.

"Everyone's a critic."


dw100challenge #169: morning