September 7th, 2007



Rose slowly surfaced from slumber and tried to reorient herself.

A window. So she wasn't on the TARDIS.

A small, restrictive bed. No, that wasn't right. An arm was draped across her chest, a hand cupping her breast. Another arm was flung across her upper leg, the hand resting snugly between her thighs. As other parts of her body started to stir, Rose recalled her whereabouts with a smile.

The political circumstances of the planet saw changed since the Doctor's last visit. The current matriarchy had Rose keeping her pair of concubines firmly in hand. She really liked this planet.


dw100challenge #163: treacle


Jack's hands guided Gwen's over the surface of the artefact, his breathe warm in her ear as he explained the intricacies of the device.

The orb's colours rippled as it pulsed in Gwen's grip, the vibrations travelling through her entire body, concentrated in the places where Jack touched her.

She had no idea what she was doing. All reason had been lost to the sensations of touch and smell.

Jack answered his headset and stepped away from Gwen. "You'll be right to finish this off on your own?"

"Yeah." Gwen didn't think she'd be finishing off quite what Jack expected.


tw100challenge #39: seduction lessons