May 26th, 2007



"I notice you didn't get one of these bloody things." Rose glared at the Doctor as he closed the TARDIS door.

"I've been here before." The Doctor grinned. "This is a tradition they reserve for first time visitors."

"It's not so bad," Jack lied tactfully as he took off a magenta pilot's hat and tossed it over a railing.

Rose thumped his arm. "Says the man who doesn't look like a small animal has taken up residence on his head."

"I don't know, a pair of platform shoes and your faux-afro will be right at home in the 70s."


dw100challenge #162: hats


Ianto placed a couple of aspirin beside Gwen's coffee. She smiled her thanks and winced as Owen's voice echoed through the Hub at full volume.

"What do you mean you can find it. It's the Millennium Centre. It's huge. You can't miss it. I'm sorry, you have. Twice."

"When will it stop?" Gwen collapsed on her desk.

Tosh removed an earphone. "Ouch. He's still at it?"

Owen had been torturing a pizza restaurant for twenty minutes because their new driver had managed to get lost.

Jack groaned. "If he gets us blackballed again, I will drop him in the bay."


tw100challenge #27: icons


Ianto deposited a large box on Toshiko's desk. He smiled at her enthusiasm as she dived on the package and tore it apart. Normally he'd inventory the items himself, but he enjoyed seeing how happy it made Toshiko when she opened a new order.

Toshiko sorted through the books, setting aside the few that Jack and Gwen had added to the list and frowned at a few unexpected items. "Bare Dreamer, The First Swords, Rose of Men. Do you know who these are for?"

Ianto flicked through one of the books. "It looks like Owen's been ordering gay porn again."
Jack groaned. "If he gets us blackballed again, I will drop him in the bay."


tw100challenge #28: random titles: bare dreamer, the first swords, rose of men