May 6th, 2007



The Doctor folded his arms as he watched Rose, smiling at her turn of phrase. "She does have a certain poetry."

Jack stood at the Doctor's side. "If you're a Telarian dockworker."

"Left to their own devices, most species will learn a language from the gutter up." Rose unleashed another stream of invective. "Now I wonder where she picked that lot up from? We haven't been anywhere near Petrov 4."

Jack shook his head and went to give Rose a hand, quickly twisting the tent into position before it ate Rose again.

"Was never any good with deck chairs, either."


dw100challenge #161: poetry


"What's the game?" Gwen nodded to one of the monitors that showed a lightsabre battle in full swing, while Toshiko tweaked a stream of code on another.

"It's the feed from the full immersion Star Wars port of Owen's proposed training simulator. He's in the games room now testing the VR helmet and gloves."

"I can see the possibilities, but I think it's all an excuse for him to play silly buggers." Gwen watched the central character leap gracefully over a Stormtrooper. "Does Owen know he's playing as Princess Leia?"

"I'm saving that little surprise for his report to Jack."


tw100challenge #25: star wars