April 9th, 2007



Gwen shivered in the shelter of her umbrella as she watched Owen inspect the body.

Admittedly, the suicide by crucifixion was inventive in it's use of carefully arranged nail guns, but it didn't fit Torchwood's remit.

It would be just another memory that overshadowed the general commercialism and joy of a public holiday.

Streakers in rabbit ears, a house overrun by pet rabbits, rabbits skinned and nailed to the doors of council flats. Gwen's concept of the easter bunny had long been perverted by her time in the police force. The cases she saw with Torchwood just increased the weirdness.


tw100challenge #21: peaster treats


Closing his eyes to the barely contained chaos of his class, Andrew massaged his temples.

He felt for the Watcher who'd spent a night without sleep trying to find the purportedly stolen item, while keeping the girls from taking sides and trying to kill each other.

The missing object would eventually be discovered down the back of a sofa or in the second floor fridge, but until then it would be an exercise in patience.

Andrew idly considered summoning a large, angry Hyjund demon to take over his class and disappearing to the pub for the rest of the day.


open_on_sundaychallenge #211: hunt
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