December 19th, 2006



When Andrew opened the door, his first thought was that the Retjulls had paid him another visit, before the true horror of the situation kicked in.

Xander was packing for his latest overseas jaunt and it looked like the entire contents of his bedroom had been relocated to the living room while he contemplated what to jam into two enormous steamer trunks.

Andrew had been through this many times. They'd spend the next several hours paring the packing down to a single trunk, making sure the appropriate international adaptors were included and arguing about the misuse of Slayers as roadies.


open_on_sundaychallenge #195: light
Part of the London!verse


Wrapped in her heavy coat, Rose shivered and huddled closer to the Doctor as they made their unsteady way back to the TARDIS.

"Wasn't Jack with us at the last pub?"

"He wandered off with that couple he was chatting up."

The Doctor frowned. "But she was straight and he was gay."

"He did mention something about broadening their horizons," Rose laughed.

With a sigh, the Doctor unlocked the TARDIS. "It seems we're always waiting while he's getting his leg over."

Rose shrugged out of her coat and shook the snow from her hair. "We could always follow his example."


dw100challenge #146: riding
dw100challenge #147: ice and snow


Gwen lay awake in the dark.

She'd dreamed of the glove again. The power it gave her to bring people back from the dead, even for a brief moment of time, was more intoxicating than she would have believed.

But the dream had been tempered by a frisson of fear that she'd follow the same path as Suzie. She couldn't imagine killing anyone to use the glove, but her subconscious easily made that leap for her and the bodies of strangers were soon joined by those of friends.

Gwen closed her eyes, knowing sleep would be a long way off.


tw100challenge #5: suzie costello