October 24th, 2006



Andrew watched as Xander dashed about their apartment like a headless chicken. "When you say you're late, do you mean you're late for dinner, a little bit pregnant, or the late Alexander Harris?" He smirked at the filthy look Xander threw in his direction.

"I can't find that report I did for Giles and I the presentation is in an hour." Xander shoved Andrew's legs aside and looked under the couch for the third time.

"It's been nice knowing you." Andrew got to his feet and hugged Xander. "When Giles kills you, can I have your comics?"

"You're not helping."


open_on_sundaychallenge #187: late
Part of the London!verse


Rose hadn't been surprised to discover that, several centuries and galaxy away from her time, the greeting and safety message being pantomimed by the crew was so familiar she could mouth the words.

Settling back into plush seat with a sigh, she sipped an unpronounceable drink that had been served in a champagne flute, but had the viscosity of molten rock.

There wasn't much to do until they landed but enjoy the in-flight services and as a slightly dazed crewmember walked past with a drinks trolley, Rose realised that the absent Captain Jack was enjoying amenities of a different nature.


dw100challenge #137: grateful
dw100challenge #138: welcome aboard